9.0 May 2022

9.0 Release Updates

Xero integration

  • New module added to connect Payments2Us/Salesforce to Xero
  • Retrieves Tax Components, Tax Rates, Tenants, Tracking Categories, Tracking Options from Xero
  • Send Contact details to Xero
  • Send Invoice and Invoice Line items to Xero
  • Retrieves Payments from Xero

General Updates

  • Checkout  better capture and logging of unexpected errors, including permissions errors
  • Checkout  Fixed error caused by recurring payments on Last Day of month where Import File permission missing on force.com sites profile
  • Updated App Logo and all Icons to reflect new branding
  • All payment gateways, changed reference generation.  In particular to stop duplicate with EziDebit regular payments
  • EziDebit  cater for timeout issues, especially with nightly recurring payment processor that would cause some Payment Txns to not be created.  
  • Stripe  Changed Webhook to get back last 5 days on Payment Txns based of LastModifiedDate, vs. CreatedDate
  • Stripe  Now updates description to provide more details in Stripe and enables easier reconciliation.
  • Fraud Security Error Log alerts now include Merchant Facility Record Id in subject enabling workflows to be created to alert relevant department
  • ASB Bank Direct Debit Files.  Updated reference to use Receipt Number to avoid field truncation.  Updated Account Numbers to include Account Suffix for Receiver and Donor account numbers in extract file generation.
  • Automated Bank feeds - fixed error with missing field in SOQL Query on Bank Transaction Matching
  • Lead Convert.  Fixed Issue in NPSP when workflow to create URL Token on Contact was enabled
  • Events  Correction to Add to Calendar where an event end time at midday would advance by a day.
  • Recurring Card Update  fixed issue when Recurring Payment is linked to a Subscription a card update would also change the next payment due date.
  • Correction to error when multiple recurring payments updated at the same time and they are linked to the Same URL Token.
  • Correction to error that may occur when URL Tokens used and force.com sites access to Opportunity object is not set
  • Payment Check Processor, for PayPal Checks, now sets the Banking Complete value correctly if the transaction was successful.  More updates/checks cater for PayPal not being successful.  
  • Like for Like field copies updated to excluded CreatedDate. This caters for the scenario when audit field have been set as creatable.
  • Recurring Payment Processor  more checking for errors and logging of more error details
  • Payments2Us Account warning message if billing details/data not up to date
  • Added error capture and logging of issues for Queueable routines for better management of unexpected errors
  • Receipts now truncate total section text if too big to avoid pages going onto second page.
  • Receipts updated to preview in lighting to not go onto 2 pages.
  • Receipts fixed issue where images did not show for some organisations
  • Windcave PxPay - Updated to work with Transact Payment and Batch Entry
  • Stripe and Stripe SCA - Updates to Import Files of Credit Cards to mark Banked Payments correctly
  • Shopify - Updated to work with organisations using Properties

9.0 Post upgrade steps

Object Manager - Custom Object Updates

  • Merchant Facility
    • Field: License Option, add new picklist values "Xero 01", "Xero 02","Xero 03" to ALL record types.
  • Xero Settings
    • Page Layout: Add Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Actions - Connect to Xero, Download Xero Metadata, Sync Contact, Sync Invoices, Sync Payments
    • Page Layout: Add Fields - all fields not on the Page Layout
  • Xero Invoices
    • Page Layout: Add Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Actions - Mark for Xero Sync
    • Page Layout: Add Fields - all fields not on the Page Layout
    • Page Layout: Remove Fields - Sync with Xero Status
  • Xero Invoice Lines
    • Page Layout: Add all fields not currently on the Page Layout
  • Xero Payments
    • Page Layout: Add all fields not currently on the Page Layout

If using Xero, then:

Object Manager - Standard Object Updates

  • Account
    • Page Layout: Add Quick Action: Mark for Xero Synch
    • Page Layout: Add fields: Xero Company Number, Xero Tax Number, Xero Bank Account Number, Xero Contact Id, Xero Send Contact
  • Contact
    • Page Layout: Add Fields: Primary Xero Contact

Remote Sites (setup - search "Remote Site Setting".  Mark the following as Active

  • XeroAPI
  • XeroIdentity