7.7 February 2020

7.7 Release Notes

Payment Form Builder

  • BETA: Text fields added. You can now add text to the forms in most sections.  Feature allows for a Label and Text, or just Text to be added.
  • BETA: Custom fields can be added without adding to FieldSets first.
  • REFRESH, vs. FULL RESET.  Refresh will now pick up new fields/sections added and wont restore to the default FieldSets.  FULL RESET works as previously and returns the forms to the default state based of FieldSets.
  • RESTORE button added to return to previously saved state.
    For more information on the above see procedure: What that the components of the Payment Form Builder


  • Calendar  added new URL parameters to make filtering of displayed events possible.  Includes filtering by Campaign Type, By Payment Form or Merchant Facility.  See procedure: “How to publish and Event Calendar

Make Payment

  • Added field “Enable On Make Payment” on Merchant Facility and Payment Form.  Make Payment will now only show Merchant Facilities or Payment forms where this field is blank or set to Yes

Batch Processor

  • Added warning error log if duplicate processor found to be running.
  • Correction to way Transaction Generated on Recurring Payment Set


  • Corrected issue where Renew button on membership/subscription was not showing internal options such as “Manual” payments.


  • Error messages now log more details for diagnostics if required.
  • Banked Payment was not correctly set form some Status’s.


  • Added Campaign Member Refunded Status so Refunds don’t mark Campaign Member status as “Paid”
  • Added Opportunity Sales Stage field to Payment Form.  This allows for the Sales Stage to be set.  If not specified, default to first closed won status.
  • Import Files Tab now shows correct title, vs. Object API Name.
  • For Windcave/Payment Express, if the payment gateway response code is greater than 255 characters then it is trimmed to 255.
  • Letters corrected error when launching Letter Builder

7.7 Post upgrade steps

If you are installing this version to get the new Salesforce Security Enhancements, please make sure you do the following procedures prior:

Object: Payment Form

  • Page Layout, Add fields: Campaign Member Refunded Status, Enable On Make Payment, Opportunity Sales Stage

Object: Merchant Facility

  • Page Layout, Add fields: Enable On Make Payment