2.2 April 2013

2.2 Release Notes

  1. Recurring Payments.  Added frequency option of “Bi-Monthly”, user defined options for No. of days and “One-off Authorise”.  To use user defined option number of days, simply add new picklist values that are numeric into the frequency, eg. “5” for 5 day increments.
  2. CCV is not required for internal (Salesforce CRM users).  This allows for postal pledges/payments where no CCV is provided.  Issuing banks may/may not allow these transactions though.
  3. Manual Payments now support “Donations With” payment option.
  4. Memberships types (aka Payment Options) now support a status that enables membership options to be offered online, internal only or made inactive.

2.2 Post upgrade notes

  • Add status to Payment Options (by 2) page layout
  • Add Bi-Monthly to Frequency  Payment Type, Payment Options, Payment Txn, Recurring Payment.