Data Validation Overview

Data and address validation overview

Capturing your data and keeping it clean will help your organisation to save on postage, return to sender with direct mailouts and allow you to better manage your Contacts/Donors.

Payments2Us includes a number of integrated data validation points. These include:


  • Autocomplete and cleaning of address details
  • Validation of Phone number
  • Validation of Email address


  • Override page layouts with Address Auto Complete and cleaning of address details
  • Buttons for updating of address details.  Includes  Address Auto Complete and cleaning of address details
  • Delivery Point Id and bar code number stored

Mass Address Updates

  • Quickly regenerate Delivery Point Ids (DPID), Barcode numbers for all contacts linked to a Campaign.
  • For Australian Organisations, the regeneration of DPID is required on a regular basis as these numbers can change for addresses from time to time.

Please review the Installation Manual - Address Autocomplete and Validation Chapters as this contains details on setup and options.