Scheduled upgrade dates

About scheduled upgrades

Payments2Us is automatically pushed out organisations on the scheduled dates listed in this guide.

If your organisation does NOT want to be included in the automatic upgrades, please contact support @ let them know.

If you'd like to know more about push upgrades, see the Salesforce ISV article Push Upgrades to Subscribers.

Please note, the post install updates MUST be completed by your own Salesforce System Administrator.  It is not technically possible for us to perform these steps.

If you would like us to perform the post install steps, then we can do so as part of one of our Premium Support packages.

If you would like to install prior to the scheduled dates, you can install the latest release yourself from the AppExchange.  See the procedure How to perform an upgrade.

Upcoming upgrades

8.6 Sandbox -  26th July 20201

8.6 Production - 9th August 2021

Previous upgrades

8.4 Sandbox - 12th April 2021

8.5 Sandbox - 26th April 2021

8.4 Production - 3rd May 2021 (EziDebit customers upgraded to 8.5)

8.5 Production - 17th May 2021

8.3 Production - 25th January 2021

8.0.1 Production - 11th January 2021

8.3 Sandbox - 11th January 2021

8.0.1 Sandbox - 4th January 2021

7.11 Production - 10th August 2020

7.11 Sandbox - 20th July 2020

7.10 Production -6th July 2020

7.10 Sandbox - 8th June 2020

7.9 Production - 16th March 2020

7.9 Sandbox - 16th March 2020

Prior versions to 7.9 not automatically pushed out