3.12 February 2014

3.12 Release Notes

  1. Opportunities now have a new field called “Total Paid” that is automatically updated from payments and refunds.  Allows for deposits and payment in full processes to be setup.
  2. Added new Payment Form option “Send Receipt By”.  This provides an easy way of setting which Payment Forms receive full receipts, vs. those that only receive partial receipts.  For more information, please see the “Sending out receipt options” section of this manual.
  3. Progress bars added for almost all batch processing jobs.  This provides a near real-time update on where the job is upto.
  4. Memberships - If renewing from link and change last name then used to give an error message regardless of membership number/search by being enabled.  No will only give error if membership search by enabled.
  5. Corrections when a very long payment option were used in conjunction with subscriber groups that resulted in an error being reported  names are now truncated to 80 characters.
  6. Correction of job title not updating to Contact on processing.  Now updates are applied.


3.11/3.12 Post upgrade notes

  • Add Send Receipt By to Payment Type page layout.
  • Activate Send Interim receipt email