8.5 March 2021

8.5 Release Notes

Direct Debit

  • HSBC file format.  Various updates/corrections to extracted data.

Opportunity Payment

  • Added workflows that set related URL Token Amount/Default Amount.  This allows for a URL for a payment to be created an populated with the amount/default amount.
  • Please check the Workflow section for more information.


  • Added Cancelled Status to Membership Status, Membership Renewal
  • Added workflow to setup end date to today, plus change renewal status to Cancelled when the Membership Status is set to Cancelled. Please check the Membership FAQ: 7 for more information.
  • Fixed blank Subscription Group from being created when a new Shopify Transaction AND Membership group is created within the 10 minute Batch Processor run.


  • Added GooglePay, ApplePay when using Windcave Payment Gateway
  • Corrected issue with Checkout where an unhandled error message (You do not have permissions) would occur if no primary and active merchant facilities existed.
  • For EziDebit customers, fixed “Invalid token” when “EziDebitJSONProduction” was not enabled.
  • Success URL  now allows option to navigate to top window.  This is useful when Checkout form is inside an iframe and the success page is a full page on your website, vs. a page that also inside the iframe.
  • Windcave Privacy Link goes changed from Payment Express to Windcave site.
  • Corrected Issue where PayPal was not showing for Memberships with Recurring Frequency and had valid PayPal Recurring License.  Not all Payment Options for Membership must be of recurring frequency type.


  • For Windcave customers, we had previously upgraded Merchant Facility Payment Gateway field from Payment Express to Windcave.  This has been reversed as part of the upgrade script.  This is now a manual step after the new Windcave Remote Site settings are enabled.
  • About Payments2Us   - Automatic creation of Remote Sites, now made more unique so functionality will work better when running from Sandbox.
  • Corrected issue with Payment Form Builder coming up with Invalid form on occasions.
  • Corrected issue with Payment Form Builder producing false positive warnings on duplicate fields on the form.
  • Corrected Security Error on contact updates if BPAY CRN Generation value set, but user does not have permission to update CRN field.
  • EziDebit  OneTimeKey  updated to make more secure
  • Data Validation, removed all options for Geocoding as Salesforce now provides option as standard
  • About Payments2Us shows Authorize App if DEMO facility is created, or the Remote Sites is created

Recurring Payment

  • Fixed error that would occur if Contact was removed from Recurring Payment
  • Payment Txn generated will use the Recurring Payment  “Account” field.  If this is blank, then the Contacts  Account is used.  Previously was just using Contacts  Account.

Webhook Apex code

  • Allowed to be run from Apex.  Previous version would not work easily with Visualforce pages.
  • Now caters for shopping cart line items


  • Added effective from/to effective dates.  This will enable early bird tickets to be setup.  These date ranges are set on the Payment Option
  • Added “Max No. Tickets” available at the ticket type level (Payment Option).  This allows for maximum number of tickets to be purchased by Ticket Type to be set/enforced.
    First phase of setting maximum time to enter tickets.  The Batch Processor will free up any tickets that are partially entered.  The maximum time to enter tickets is NOT yet enforced for the online entry.
    Warning when a particular ticket type (Payment Option) is getting close to sold out.
    Sold Out Message  when a  particular ticket type (Payment Option) is has sold out.
  • Address auto complete/validation  now working on checkout page when used with Events.
  • Corrected issue where Event Attendees were not being deleted.  
  • Corrected issue with Free events not updating No. ticket sold correctly
  • Corrected issue when a single person was registering and they indicated they were attending.  This was causing a duplicate contact to be created.
  • Corrected warning about ticket type/no. attending being incorrect.  Issue could appear when backtracking from final checkout page back to selecting number of tickets page.
  • Corrected No. Of tickets sold on Payment Item Group not being updated if number of tickets updated.

PaymentsUs Settings

  • New Tab added to enable management of your Payments2Us charges and billing contacts.  You can:
    • See previous Payments2Us Charges/ Receipts
    • Request copy of Receipt
    • Update Card details
    • Update Billing Contact


  • Now allows for 100% discounts to be given (i.e. to make the purchase free)


  • Cater for read only fields.  Fields can be set to Read Only in the Payment Form builder.
  • Corrected issue where Enforce URL Token was checked from Primary Payment Form, instead of the Payment Form linked to the Peer-to-Peer Campaign
  • Corrected issue if all fields removed from completion page.  Would cause form to not load and show page unavailable/unaccessible.


  • BPay email template to payer

8.5 Post upgrade steps

Custom Object Merchant Facility ( find under setup  search “Object Manager”)

  • Field: “Payment Method”.  Add values “ApplePay”, “GooglePay” to ALL record types.
  • Field Dependency: Between “Payment Gateway” and “Payment Method”.
    Enable (Include) “ApplePay”, “GooglePay” for “Windcave Webservice” and “Windcave PxPay”
    NOTE, if you are upgrading from a release install quite a while ago and there is not existing dependency setup, then you may skip this step.

Custom Object URL Token ( find under setup  search “Object Manager”)

  • Field: “Payment Method”.  Add values “ApplePay”, “GooglePay”

Custom Object Payment Txn ( find under setup  search “Object Manager”)

  • Field: “Method of Payment”.  Add values “ApplePay”, “GooglePay” to record types “Auth”, “Refund”, “Payment”,”Peer-to-Peer”, “eCheck”

Custom Object Payment Form ( find under setup  search “Object Manager”)

  • Field: “Confirmation Page Action”, add value “Bypass Confirmation page - go to Success URL TOP”
  • Field “Fail URL”, add to Page Layout (Suggest under Success URL)

Force.com sites

Windcave/Payment Express customers

  • Setup > remote sites. Make Active: “WindcaveProd”, “WindcaveUAT”
  • For all Merchant Facilities.  Change field "Payment Gateway" picklist values:
    “Payment Express” to “Windcave Webservice”
    “Payment Express PxPay”  to “Windcave PxPay”

    If you are selecting to ADD these picklist values or make existing picklist values Active, then you ALSO NEED to check for field dependencies between "Payment Gateway" to "Payment Method" AND "Payment Gateway" to "Payment Gateway Options".  Set the same options that are currently active in the “Payment Express” to “Windcave Webservice”, “Payment Express PxPay”  to “Windcave PxPay”.
    If the field dependencies did not previously exist, then you can ignore this step.


  • Custom Object “Payment Option”, page layout “Event Payment Option Layout” add fields:
    “Available From”, “Available To”, “Max No. of Tickets Available”


  • Custom Objects “Subscription” and “Account Subscription”.
  • Field “Renewal Reminder”.  Add picklist value “Cancelled”
  • Field “Membership Status”.  Add picklist value “Cancelled”