3.13 March 2014

3.13 Release Notes

  1. Make Payments.  Add new button and publisher actions that makes it easier to make a payment from an Account, Contact or Opportunity where multiple merchant facilities or Payment Forms are being used.
  2. Direct Debits for NZ.  Added support for ANZ/BNZ, Westpac and ASB
  3. Subscription Group Updates:
  • Membership was set to default to a non subscriber group, then a subscriber group type option select the screen was not refreshing correctly.
  • When checkout was run in internal mode and the first membership was free, then a non free membership was selected, an error message was appearing.
  • Checkout associating with incorrect primary contact on occasions. This was often the first created contact, vs. primary contact.
  • Checkout form  Now defaults in country code correctly for renewals
  1. Membership updates:
  • If someone leaves the group, their membership number is cleared out. We recommend turning on audit history on the membership number field for audit purposes.
  • When using templates for accounts and contacts  does not include the template membership no
  1. Upcoming Events  no only uses field sets for section values and does not require the Campaign Name to be included.
  2. Batch processor status now correctly set on all Merchant Facilities when starting/stopping.


3.13 Post upgrade notes

Add matching method to Merchant Facility + record type.

  • Membership Id + Last Name + Mobile
  • Membership Id + Last Name + Email