3.22 December 2014

3.22 Release Notes

  1. Payment Processing
  2. Updates to payment types to correct issue where re-checks were not working 100% of the time.
  3. Support for Nonprofit Starter Pack 3

Added new Matching Method for “Nonprofit Starter Pack 3+”. For this to work best, we recommend having matching options of “Last Name + Street + Suburb”.

  1. Manual Payments
  • Merchant Fee added to field set.  This allows for entry of 3rd party payments that charge a fee.
  • If the Payment Form being used for the Manual Payment has a payment type of “Donation” then the Donation Amount is now being updated instead of the Amount field.  This makes the manual payment more consistent with the Checkout Form.
  1. Checkout Form

Correction to Rich Text Areas that were not displaying correctly on mobile devices

Terms and conditions, CCV pop-up window formatted to fit correctly on mobile devices

  1. Events
  • Membership number validation is now supported.  To enable, select “Validate Membership No.” at the Payment Option level.
  • When a valid membership number is entered, the Payment Item is linked to the contact.  In future releases, this could be used to have validation rules around membership types/details.
  • A fix has been added for when only one person then the Payment Item was not being linked to the Payment Item Group
  • A fix has been put in place whereby if an unexpected error occurred on the first step of the event registration wizard, then a “duplicate id” error used to occur.
  1. Demo Merchant Facility/Setup
  • Now defaults account model being used  person account, Contacts & Organisations for NP, NP3+
  • Now defaults create opportunity to true


3.22 Post upgrade notes

  • Add a new picklist value to the Merchant Facility Object, field: "Account Matching Method" with value of "Nonprofit Starter Pack 3+”
  • Make sure you add it to the record type