How to send out Annual Statements (bulk)

Often organisations are required to produce a statement or summary of transactions.

  • Non-profit organisations - summary of all donations given during the financial year so the donor can claim the tax deduction.
  • Corporates - list of transactions that a customer’s finance has asked for so they can reconcile their books.

IMPORTANT: If you are on a version prior to 5.4, the before running statements for the first time, please make sure Remote Site URL has been setup. Go to the Installation Manual:   How to setup Annual Statements

1. Create a Campaign

1.2. Enter details about your statement

  1. Create a relevant name
  2. Tick to make sure the campaign is Active
  3. Select 'Other' for Type
  4. Select the Payment Form
  5. Select 'Planned' for Status

1.3. Enter text for your Statement and SAVE

Note: Mail merge fields can be added if required

There are two special statement mail merge fields:

  1. {!numberOfPayments} -  number of related Payment Transactions
  2. {!totalAmount} - the total amount of all related Payment Transactions


You can use either a Statement Letter lookup field (recommended) as your template or the older Statement Field. Please note if both fields have values in them, it will use the Statement Letter over the Statement Text Field.

The Statement Text field is found on the Campaign.  If you do not see this field, the you will need to edit the page layout (top right link) and then drag/drop this field onto the page layout.

A sample Annual Letter Statement is available if samples have been created. Click here if you you would like to generate samples. These can be used/cloned as letter templates for your organisation.

2. Add Members or Contacts

2.1. Select 'Campaign Members' from related list

2.2. Refine selection based on your Annual Statement's requirements

Note: A report can also be run to summarise all your contacts, and then use the Add to Campaign button, and select the Campaign Member Status as Sent.

2.3. Add members with a status of 'Sent'

2.4. Check that you have all contacts and members added

3. Generate Annual Statements

3.1. Select the 'Statement Generation' button

3.2. Select criteria for your Annual Statement and select 'Generate' button

  1. Select dates
  2. Leave blank if all transactions are included

3.3. Wait for Statement generation

An email will be sent when the batch processing is complete

3.4. The Email Template used to send the Receipt is called "Mass Annual Statement w/ PDF "

4. Check Format

4.1. Scroll down to the Campaign Members heading and Select a Contact

4.2. Scroll down the Contact to the Notes and Attachment heading and select the PDF created

4.3. Check details are correct

Check details are correct
  1. The title defaults to Annual Statement dates set up in the Campaign. This can be customised when generating the statements.
  2. The text can be mail merged. It uses information from the Contact and Campaign objects. Special fields from the Payment Txns include {!numberOfPayments} and {!totalAmount}
  3. Item in the columns are from the Payment Txn and relate to the Contact or Account. These are configurable through a fieldset called “statementTable”. The statementTable fieldset can be maintained in setup > Create > Objects  then click into Payment Txn and scroll down the to the fieldsets section.

5. Send Annual Statements

5.2. Select 'Statement Send' button

5.3. Check details again and select the 'Process' button

5.4. Wait for sending process to finish

An email will notify you when this is complete

5.5. The Emails are send via a Workflow called - "Send Annual Statement "

6. Follow-up

6.2. Scroll down to Campaign Members heading and check the Status

Follow up on any Statement Generated status for the correct email address