5.1 April 2016

5.1 Release Notes

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments have been enhanced to offer more options for how the first payment is treat.  This includes:

  1. Charging for the first transaction straight away, then on the selected day of the month.  This is how the previous versions worked.
  2. Tokenise the card for the first transactions, then charge on the selected day.  If the day of signing up is the same as the selected day, then the card will be charged straight away.

Manual links to setup are available at: Select the "Enable Recurring" Option


Text/Notes on Checkout form

You can not add your custom notes/text onto the payment form.  This is useful for describing sections of the form.

Manual links to setup are available at: How to add text notes to the web form


PxFusion Payment gateway option

Minor updates have been made to correct some checkout form issues.  

General Updates

  • Links behind Payment Express logo updated to point to new website
  • Workflow added for Recurring Payments that have the last payment date more than 45 days in the past and on Monthly payment.  This fixes potential issue if recurring payment processor is not started for a long time for some reason
  • Address validation pages contactEdit, leadEdit, accountEdit now support a URL parameter of nextURL.  This allows for the screen to be used in a wizard like manner.
  • Credit Card Type for Authorize.net is now calculated and stored.

5.1 Upgrade Notes

  1. Navigate to setup > create > custom objects.  Click into Payment Form.  Scroll down to the page layouts area.  For the page layout press edit - remove "Enable Recurring (Old)".  Drag/drop from available fields "Enable Recurring" to replace.