8.10 November 2021

8.10 Release updates

New Surcharges

  • Ability to make Surcharges Opt in/Opt out or Mandatory.  Especially useful for Non-profits that wish to recover their transaction fees.
  • Charges can be set for all payment methods
  • Charges calculated with a Fixed Amount and/or Percentage

Record Matching

  • Added new option that allows for using Salesforce Duplicate rules instead of Payments2Us Matching Criteria
  • Added ability to use custom fields are part of matching criteria

Events Updates

  • When a membership number is entered, the Members Account or Contact is located based off the membership number and assigned to the Payment Item on Save
  • Membership No. required message/valid moved from code to Validation Rules to provide more flexibility/customisation
  • Account level Membership validation now allows for new contacts at the organisation to use that membership number when registering for Events.


  • Correct error message “Sorry, no tickets are currently available” displaying for non Event Campaigns
  • PayPal Recurring correct issue with Salesforce Hyperforce/AUS servers
  • Data Validation of addresses outside Australia/New Zealand now correctly fill in individual address fields [COMPLETE]
  • Data Validation phone validation now works for all countries, including those outside Australia/New Zealand now  
  • When “Confirmation Page Action” is set to “Bypass Confirmation page - go to Success URL TOP”, the URL now includes selected URL Parameters
  • NAB Transact timeout changed from 60 seconds to 80 seconds


Windcave PxPay updates

  • Firefox improvement to remove flashed error message before PxPay Form shown, plus better management on closing dialog box
  • Coding updates to cater for response of “ACCEPTED (00)” that was previously being treated as an error
  • Update to Payment Gateway Response code/text/desc
  • Using returned bank deposit settlement date


  • All Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visualforce pages, Visualforce changed to version 52 or higher.  This is to accommodate Salesforce roadmap of retiring older versions.
  • All Error messages updated to include more detail for diagnostics if needed.
  • Membership Renewal workflows  - Set Renewal reminders updated to have Re-evaluate select to ensure subsequent time based workflows triggered
  • Dynamic button on Payment Txn to better match business processes.  Including Authorisation Complete to stop accidentally approving a card update only, Approve Refund to only show when not approved etc.
  • Create Samples now include option for adding surcharges for “2. Donation with option of regular giving” form.
  • Clone of Merchant Facility or Payment Form also copies related Surcharges

Lightning Web Components (LWC) /Community (Beta)

  • Transaction Payment has updated styling
  • Transaction Payment  CCV required in Community Portal
  • Transaction Payment  Defaults Campaign and Contact when on Campaign Member Page Layout
  • New Refund LWC component created (Beta).  Refund will now also work from most objects/pages and allows for selection of Payment Txn related to the Contact.
  • Transact Payment, Token Charge, Card Expiry updated to work with Community Portal (BETA)

8.10 Post upgrade steps

  • Payment Form Object
    • Add “Surcharges” related list
    • Add “Enable Surcharge”
    • Remove: Surcharge Card Fee% 1 (OLD), Surcharge Card Fee% 2 (OLD), Surcharge Card Type 1 (OLD), Surcharge Card Type 2 (OLD)
  • Recurring Payment
    • Page Layouts: Recurring, eCheck, Direct Debit.  Add Field: Cover Transaction Fees
    • Custom Field: “Cancellation Reason”.  Add Picklist value “PayPal User Cancelled” to PayPal Record Type.
    • Field Dependency: “Recurring Payment Status” to “Cancellation Reason”, link “Inactive” status with “PayPal User Cancelled”.  Should the dependency not already exist, then you can skip this step
  • Payment Txn
    • Page Layouts: Events, Payment
    • Add fields: Surcharge Reference, Cover Transaction Fees
  • Merchant Facility      

       Custom Field: "Matching Rules".  Add Picklist value "Use Duplicate Rules" to All Record Types