9.5 July 2023

9.5 Release Updates

Stripe SCA

  • Added automatic BECS Direct Debit (AU) option.  This includes
    • Initial Signup
    • Refunds
    • Recurring Processing
    • Updates are payment has settled
    • Account Update (from within Salesforce on the Recurring Payment or link sent to Account holder).
  • Stripe and DataTrans Payment Gateway, decimal amounts cleaned up more to remove possible comma’s that may have caused issues for some country locale sections.

Annual Statements

  • New option to save PDFs against the Campaign.  PDFs can be saved for all members, or those that do not have email addresses.  
  • New Lightning Component to download multiple PDFs at once.

Account/Contact Subscription/Memberships

  • Corrected issue where Automatic Renewals were not updating fields such as End Date, Last Renewed etc.
  • Corrected issue where subscriber/member was NOT on automatic renewal and their current membership had expired, but was still with in the Grace Period.  Then the subscriber renewed and selected automatic renewal an incorrect extra charge would occur.
  • For Automatic Renewals that had issues with payments and their membership had expired and they then corrected their payments outside the Grace Period, the Payment Day on the Recurring Payment is now being reset to align with the new anniversary.
  • Addressed potential issue where duplicate Recurring Payments could potentially be created for a single subscription.
  • Corrected issue for membership renewals where the renewal link is pressed and the options of renewing include different frequencies and recurring payments on the Payment Form is set to Yes and the member selects a different frequency, the new frequency was not being correctly allocated.  This has now been corrected.


  • Autocomplete updated for NZ addresses on checkout form.  
  • Now returns DPID value.

Card Update link

  • Corrected issue when Card and Contact enabled and user did not select either option for update and pressed Submit
  • Corrected issue when Card and Contact enabled user changed a contact detail, but later unticked contact updates, the data would still flow on and update the Contact

Letter Builder

  • Fixed issue Letter Builder where adding extra columns would not work for Annual Statement Table
  • Letter Form Builder copy/paste fixed where previously copied yellow background
  • Letter Form Builder correction to only show Cart Lines if the Print Line Details checkbox is selected


  • Added new Account Matching Option for “Nonprofit Cloud”
  • Payment Complete webhook allow for four digit expiry year
  • Removed “outputText value=” from displaying by Next button on second step of entry
  • Corrected Token Charge Error where SOQL error would occur if Account field was blank.
  • Corrected invalid session id for Windcave PxPay and ApplePay/GooglePay enabled
  • Import File Max Batch Check, updated to exclude scheduled jobs.
  • Sign up for 28th of Month is no longer considered Last day of month from then on for Recurring Payments.  Will say as 28th day.
  • Correction to Batch Processor Start that would cause Payments2Us App to need re-authenticating.

9.5 Post upgrade steps

  • Object Manager: Payment Txn, Field: "Regular Pymt Day ", add picklist value "28".  
    Make sure you select ALL Record Types in the related checkboxes below. (all record types).
    Reorder the Picklist values, so "28" is after "27".
  • Object Manager: Recurring Payment, Field:  "Payment Day", add picklist value "28".  
    Make sure you select ALL Record Types in the related checkboxes below. (all record types).
    Reorder the Picklist values, so "28" is after "27".
  • Object Manager: Merchant Facility, Field:  "Account Matching Method ", add picklist value "Nonprofit Cloud".  
    Make sure you select ALL Record Types in the related checkboxes below. (all record types).
  • Object Manager: Letter, Field:  "Primary Payment Type" , add picklist value "Statement".  
    Make sure this is added to Record Type "Statement"
    For Record Type "Statement", edit field "Primary Payment Type" and default to "Statement"
  • Object Manager: Campaign, Lightning Record Pages: select org default.  
    Edit and Add "Download PDF Attachments" component to page layout
    NOTE: If you do not see any lightning record pages, or have multiple, please go to the Campaign Tab and click into an existing Annual Statement Campaign.  Then make sure you are using the Lightning User Interface, and press cog (Top right), select "Edit Page".
  • If Using Stripe, More webhook events need to be setup.  See point 9 for all events in Stripe Webhook Setup.

9.5 Automatic Membership Renewals checks and updates

The following is only applicable is your organisation has Memberships that have Automatic Renewals enabled.

We recommend creating a custom report type that has Recurring Payment and related Contact/Account Membership details on it.

Your end dates should now match the charge day of the month too.  Previously, End Dates were the last day of the month.  For example, if your Recurring Payment - Payment Day field is set to 09 and the end date was say 31/03/2024, then the end date should be updated to now be 09/03/2024.

Then, running a report that shows the End Date on the Recurring Payment and the End Date on the related Contact/Account Membership.

If they are for a different period (e.g. year), then you will need to update either manually or using bulk tools such as Dataloader.
There have been various issues where the related Contact/Account Subscription end dates were not update, or where they were double renewed.

If you'd like a hand with this, then we can do so with one of our premium support packages.