3.14 May 2014

3.14 Release Notes

  1. Events module now allows for upto 10 different layouts.  Payment Form specifies which layout (fieldset) to use.
  2. Added new URL parameter to Manual Payments and Credit Card Payments to default in the amount to be paid.  Also added new “defaultAmount” to URL Token
  3. New Mobile Responsive Option  “Yes - iFrame Breakout” allowing for payment forms embedded within an iframe to come to the top when displayed on a mobile device.  This enables mobile responsiveness.
  4. Manual payments update opportunities with total amount.  Previously, amount did not include donation amount.
  5. Creation of URL token for Campaign and Campaign Member will use the Payment Form linked at the Campaign level.  If not present, uses default merchant facility and Payment Form.
  6. Default Receipt Email assignment groups error messages now, so if a validation rule causes many contacts to fail then warning emails are greatly reduced.
  7. Subscriptions batch processor status submit  checks for salesforce limits before submitting
  8. For group memberships, primary contact and voter correctly set if primary contact is an existing contact.
  9. Shopify Integration  Now updates discount and stores voucher codes used.

3.14 Post upgrade notes

After installing, we would recommend doing the following:

  1. Setup > create > custom objects > Payment Txn.  Scroll down to the fields section, locate “Mobile Responsive”, click into (NOT edit), then add “Yes - iFrame Breakout” - MAKE sure you select to add to all record types before saving
  2. Click on the Merchant Facility Tab, for each active Merchant Facility, update Mobile Responsive to have the new value “Yes - iFrame Breakout”