How to handle GiveNow import files

The standard CSV file provided by GiveNow includes some details before the first heading line and also some totals after the last line.

The Payments2Us supports either having the header and total information in the file, or having this removed prior to the import.  If the heading information is left in, the value after “Appeal Name:” will be read and the associated campaign will be found and applied to every line on the import file.  In addition, the header and total sections will be removed before the CSV file is saved and attached to the main “Import File” batch object in salesforce.

The GiveNow CSV file has two rows of data for each donor.  The first line contains donor details and the second line contains the GiveNow merchant fee.  These lines contain the text “Bank Fee for XXXX” where XXXX is a reference for the row that has the fee.

The import Processor CSV import process will correctly handle the 2 line format of a GiveNow CSV file.  To process GiveNow transactions, follow the steps in How to import CSV files