How to use the Peer-to-Peer Search

1. Peer-to-Peer Search Overview

The Peer-to-Peer search screen allows supporters and donors to easily locate the individual or team member and to donate to them.

The Peer-to-Peer search also provides a landing page for your organisation where Individuals or Teams can launch and register for the event.

  1. To load a background image, see procedure: How do I add a background Image?
  2. Text and Image shown is entered on the Rich Text Field "Fundraising Page Overview" on the Peer-to-Peer Parent Campaign.
  3. The Registration button enables Individuals or Teams to create their own fundraising page.
  4. The labels and option shown - e.g. "Individual or Team" are derived from the Payment Option name entered when setting up Teams or Individual Payment Options.
  5. The amount raised so far is based on the sum of all donations (opportunities) related to all sub campaigns of the parent Peer-to-Peer campaign.
    The target is the "Expected Revenue" entered on the  Peer-to-Peer Parent Campaign.
  6. The tab selected/shown is the Payment Option setup for the Peer-to-Peer Payment Form that has the "default" checkbox selected.
    The order of the tabs shown is based on the display sequence of the Payment Options that were setup.
  7. Teams / individuals shown here are based on the teams that have registered for their fundraising pages.  The photos shown are the ones uploaded during the registration process.
  8. Not shown, but available is a Rich Text Field that displays at the bottom of the page.  These details can be maintained in the  "Fundraising Page Note" field on the Peer-to-Peer Parent Campaign.
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2. Where do I find the Peer-to-Peer search page

Navigate to the Merchant Facility Page and Locate the "Peer-to-Peer Search URL".

Note, this URL can have the following URL parameters appended to it:

  • camid=xxxxx (where xxxx is the record Id of the parent Peer-to-Peer campaign)
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