5.6 December 2016

5.6 Release Notes

Recurring Payments

  • If the same status value exists on the Recurring Payment and related Account/Contact Membership/Subscription, then they will be kept in-synch should one or the other change.
  • All methods of payments now allow for regular payments.  For example, a donor could now sign-up online for regular Bank Transfers
  • Cloning of a Recurring Payment no longer produces and error
  • Fixed issue where an edit save of a Recurring Payment of “Suspended - Max retries exceeded” would set the status back to “Active”.  This would occur even if the card details had not been updated.
  • Fixed issue with Status Check Processor where it did not have an adequate delay in time and could pick up and update the status of a transaction that was currently in being entered by a user.

Authorize.net Payment gateway

  • If a very unexpected error occurred, on occasions, the Payment Txn could have been marked as Receipting Complete Status, when it should have been Error
  • Correction for recurring payments of “Suspended - Max retries exceeded” status and processing of a card update not setting the Recurring Payment back to Active.

Miscellaneous updates

  • Currency Amount fields on the Payment Txn object increased from 7 digits to 14 digits
  • URL Tokens Short URL’s that are linked to an event will now open the events page instead of the standard checkout page.

5.6 Upgrade Notes

No specific post upgrade steps need to be taken.