6.12 July 2018

6.12 Release Notes

NAB Transact

  • Added full support for NAB Transact Payment Gateway, including:
    • Checkout form purchase
    • Authorisation and Authorisation Complete
    • Refunds
    • Checkout with signing up for Recurring Payments
    • Regular payment  Process Payment
    • Regular payment  Card holder updating card
    • Regular payment  staff to update card
    • Regular payment  staff to expiring
    • Import file and charge and/or tokenise card


  • Payment Form Builder  enable custom tooltips for more fields, including Campaign Picklist
  • Payment Form Builder  fix issue with Event Registration pages where payment methods were out of alignment
  • Correct issue on required fields if Direct Debit and Manual enabled at the same time
  • Correct issue when error message occurred, then date fields are not cleared out
  • Correct issue with chrome and date before 1960 where it was adding 100 years
  • PayPal updates for Explorer Edge
  • Checkout Complete page now scrolls up so confirmation details can be seen.


  • In lightning, spinner now shows again when saving
  • Annual statements. Fix SOQL error.
  • Manual Payments correction to Save and New to properly clear out old values

6.12 Upgrade Notes

  • Add "NAB Transact" to Payment Gateway Picklist value on Merchant Facility (setup [Search: Object].  Click into Merchant Facility.  In the Fields and releationships section click into "Payment Gateway".  Add value.  Make sure to add the value to ALL record types