3.15 June 2014

3.15 Release Notes

  1. Enhancements to Import files to allow for much larger number of imported rows, to provide for generic CSV file imports and templates to manage Imports for:
    • Australia GiveNow
    • Australia GoFundraise
    • Australia Everyday Hero
    • Paypal

Please see the Import File sections of this manual for more information.

  1. Fundraiser Id.  New Fundraiser Id field added to contact, along with new Matching Rule criteria to check for existing fundraisers with that id. This is particularly useful with some of the new import file types now available.
  2. Batch Processor check and restart if not running. On rare occasions and normally during a Salesforce upgrade, the batch processor can hang or stop. The daily recurring payment processor now check to see if this processor should be running and restarts if there appears to be an issue.
  3. An extra check to see if a Payment has been processed or not is not has been added. After the daily recurring payment processor run, all Payment Txns that are at a Confirmation stage are re-checked to see if they should have actually had the card successfully charge.  If the check does not locate anything, then the status is updated to “Confirmation  Checked”, otherwise, its updated to “Payment Complete”.
  4. PDF generated documents such as receipts, renewals, invoices, confirmation etc. now have currency fields always formatted to 2 decimal places, eg. 59.7 now shows as 59.70
  5. Checkout form for day of month selection for recurring payments now has single digit dates zero filed.  Ie. 6 (for 6th day of the month) now shows as 06. This is more consistent with list of options available.
  6. Allow for bulk updates of Account Subscriptions when Payment Option is blank.
  7. Correctly rendering of PDF previews for Confirmation and Renewal notices.

3.15 Post upgrade notes

After installing, I would recommend doing the following:

  1. Setup > create > custom objects > Payment Txn.  Scroll down to the fields section, locate “Matching Rules”, click into (NOT edit), then add “First Name + Last Name + Fundraiser ID” - MAKE sure you select to add to all record types before saving
  2. Click on the Merchant Facility Tab, for each active Merchant Facility, update the matching rules to have the new value “First Name + Last Name + Fundraiser ID”