8.12 January 2022

8.12 Release Updates

Receipts/statements/membership confirmation/membership renewal PDFs

  • Added ability to add footer graphic
  • For membership Renewal/Confirmation, added ability to apply graphic to replace “Thank You” text.  Was previously only available for receipts
  • New options of Letter object
    • Page Size (A4/Letterhead)
    • Address Indent  can now put left align or enter a number to indent for windowed envelopes
    • Font Family (has all available fonts that are supported by Salesforce PDF generation)
    • Body Type (formerly Layout Type) has new option of “Hide”.  “Hide” will remove the letter text body completely enabling a format that only has line items.
  • Headers and footers now work for multiple pages

Security Enhancementshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1SAA2upMQnp0VbcU30f58xrGBWSBxGZfV/view?usp=sharing

  • Minfraud by Maxmind integration added.  For public facing forms, Minfraud checks entry details rates the transaction and IP address with a risk score.  If the risk score exceeds the maximum allowed on the Merchant Facility then the transaction is denied.
  • Added ability to block users by Country.
  • Blocked IP addresses now with their own record type.  Also added automatic update to naming convention to cater for blocked/allowed name update.
  • Moved Payments2Us Connected App credentials from admin accessible location
  • New lockdown processor runs 4 times/day and sets field  Payment Txn field “Allow External Sharing”.  This enables new options for public sharing rules to vastly reduce the number of records available through public sharing
  • [Beta] New option on Merchant Facility called “Excluded from Sites Sharing Settings”.  Currently this allows for Accounts/Contacts to no longer require a public sharing rule.
  • Update to fix submitting of details with blank Merchant Facility and Payment Form


  • EziDebit daily check payments/BPAY processors now goes back 10 days instead of 7
  • EziDebit added more checks for unexpected errors
  • Authorize.net daily check payments processor now goes back 10 days instead of 7
  • Import Files with custom field match on line item will now map to payment txn with managed package field of same api name.
  • Events - "Payment For" description truncated to 255 if length exceeded.
  • Stripe webhook – upate metadata for stand items like created date, create time, city,postal code, country
  • More details captured in error logs for unexpected processor issues

8.12 Post upgrade steps

Letter Object

  • Field “Body Text” (aka Layout Type), add picklist value “Hide” to ALL record Types
  • Page Layout, add fields: "Address Indent", "Font Family", "Page Size"

Merchant Facility Object

  • add fields “Excluded from Sites Sharing Settings", "Max Fraud Risk Score" "Max Fraud IP Score".
  • Edit all merchant facilities and put a value into fields: "Max Fraud Risk Score" "Max Fraud IP Score".  We are suggesting "20" is a good value to start with.

Remote Site Setting Enable

  • Click on setup cog (top right corner), Search "Remote Site Settings".  Edit and enable "MaxMindGeoLite" and "MaxMindMinFraud"

You can see a video of how to enable MinFraud here.