4.0 February 2015

4.0 Release Notes

  1. Authorize.Net
  • To use Authorize.Net, organisations must signed up through the AAkonsult Authorize.Net page
  • Supports all payment transactions  Charge, Refund, Authorization, Authorization Complete, Token Card Charge, Update Card, Update Expiry Date, Recurring Payments
  1. Address auto-complete
  • Added two options for address auto-complete on checkout and manual payment forms:
    1. Google Places.  Free to use, register for free API key
    2. DataTools Kleber.  More complete address list including Unit No’s, Building levels etc.  Integration with AAkonsult free to use if you sign up to Kleber through our referral URL: Kleber Sign-up
  1. Checkout Form
  • Icons for Credit Cards
  • Icons are for Payment Methods.  Payments methods are now laid out vertically
  • Suggested donations has box around amounts
  • For events on payments page, A fix was made Rich Text fields to make sure they did not go outside the boxed section
  • If delivery address is being used, the system no longer defaults the street from the postal address previously entered.
  • Payment Processor error AF now treated the same as a timeout error and automatic retry check will occur.
  1. PayPal  Now available in production
  2. Import File process
  • Allow for matching of columns to fields to be saved for future processing
  • Allow for import of Credit Card details and processing off.  If frequency is imported, then creates/updates Recurring Payments
  • Status/Progress for Import File Processing to show process if Credit Cards are to be process.  New status’s for Credit Card Processing Complete.  A count of number of Credit Cards in error.
  • New options for file uploads  These are copy/paste and email to Salesforce
  • Updated to Payment Txn layout to show import file details
  • Fix for logging invalid lines error messages better.  Includes catching and managing of invalid email addresses.
  1. Manual Payments
  • Save and Cancel buttons now working correctly
  • Added membership search for quick entry/locating of contact
  • Order of picklist is now in the Display Order of the membership Payment Options.  This now uses the same criteria as Checkout
  1. Batch Processors.  More checks in place for duplicate submissions of run now batch processor, run now recurring payment, subscription payment generation.
  2. Recurring Payment Processor
  • Now has more checks in place for Salesforce maintenance. Also, the order is sorted by the recurring payments record name.
  • Recurring Payment object now allows for Expiry MMYYYY to have a MM/YYYY format
  1. Error messages.  Should errors be logged, but the ability to update the database is not available, e.g. during system maintenance or storage exceeded then the error is sent as an email to the user.
  2. Refunds.  No longer resets the last transaction/next transaction date if the refunded transactions is related to a Recurring Payment.
  3. Token Charges no longer copies status from the related Account or Contact record should this field exist.
  4. Create Opportunity checkbox defaults from the Merchant Facility onto the Payment Txn record.  If needed, this can then be changed via workflow and the Matching Process will use the Payment Txn field as it no longer refers directly back to the Merchant Facility.
  5. Manual Matching now uses fieldsets to enable configuration.  For example, if you wish to add Account Name in the side by side comparison then it’s a case of updating the related fieldset.


4.0 Post upgrade notes

4.0 Post upgrade notes
  • Edit the Merchant Facility Page Layout - Add the below section to Merchant Facility
  • Updated Merchant Facility  record type “Address Helper” fields and add values to this