8.13 February 2022

8.13 Release Updates

  • Fix regression issue when Campaign Filter was specified, it would stop Appeals showing on checkout form.
  • More checks in contract trigger for field accessibility errors for non Payments2Us users
  • NAB Transact  Card update, Card holder card update  Cater for blanked out Billing Token/Customer No.
  • Path for Bank Feed tab added to package.
  • Transact Payment  Fields enabled on “TransactPayment01” Fieldsets are now editable
  • Update to internal logging description for error [021] with  checkout submission checks
  • Fix issue with Refunds that are linked to Contact/Account Subscription that had were associated with a Recurring Payment would error with SOQL missing AAkPay__Last_No_of_Days_Lapsed__c  
  • Fixed Import File issue when loading Credit Card as a Payment Method, but no expiry date causing the import to not load any line items.  
  • Increased number of concurrent batch file checks from 25 to 50.  This is needed for EziDebit with BPAY check processor also running.

8.13 Post upgrade steps

No post upgrade steps are required.