4.11 December 2015

4.11 Release Notes

  1. Fields with like field names are now copied from the Payment Txn to Campaign Member during the Matching Process
  2. Added new cache parameter to Merchant Facility.  Setting this can improve performance.
  3. PayPal scrolls down the screen when the user is redirect back to the donation form from PayPal.  This makes the final Pay Now button more obvious to payers
  4. Membership Confirmation and Annual Statements updated to not treat Accounts in NPSP3 with names like “{Name} Household” as an organisation
  5. Receipts, Annual Statements and Membership Confirmations don’t print the name above the address line if the first name or last name contain Supporter, Friend, Friends or Unknown.  This enables receipts to work better for organisation accounts that don’t have a known contact
  6. All Activities on the Payment Txn that are not linked to the contact are linked to a contact during the matching process.
  7. User interface
    1. Tooltip on checkout form changed so it shows better on mobile devices
    2. Images no longer extend past form width making them render better on mobile devices
    3. Events calendar month view no longer shows time as part of event subject
    4. Improve local/language URL parameter for Events module
    5. Correct for Events where T&C’s would not show after an error occurred
  8. New workflow for Welcome email to be sent out for a recurring donor signing up for the first time and where they don’t get a PDF receipt sent.
  9. Recurring Payments, now does an update of related URL Token so it is refreshed with latest related contact.
  10. Authorize.Net error message made clearer for refunds with missing Masked Credit Card details.

4.11 Upgrade Notes

1) Navigate to setup > create > objects.  Click into Merchant Facility.  Scroll down to the related Page Layouts.  Click edit.  Drag/Drop field Cache Time onto the layout (top section). SAVE