8.0 November 2020

8.0 Release Notes

Bank Feeds and Reconciliation (beta)

Introducing Automatic Bank Statement Feeds into Salesforce and Automatic matching of Bank Statement lines with Payment Txn.
We have built integration into Yodlee data aggregation services to provide secure access from over 17,000 global data sources to provide bank, credit card, investment, loans, rewards and financial account data information
Let Payments2Us manage your reconciliation and free up your time.

The Bank Feed reconciliation is going to be a paid add-on, but will be a small group will be free until the end of February 2021.  If you’d like to have access, please contact info @ payments2us.com  

Automatic Matching Caters for:

  • Where many credit card Payment Txns in Salesforce exists for a single day are settled into your bank account with one lump sum payment.  These transactions will be automatically matched/link with the bank statement feed
  • When a payer/donor makes a bank transfer and enters the reference number exactly as provided when submitting a payment.  The Payment Txn will be matched and status changed from Awaiting Payment to Payment Received
  • When a payer/donor of for an account makes a payment/donation directly to your bank account.  If this is an expected payment and there is a Payment Txn of Awaiting Payment status then the status will be updated to Payment Complete.

New Permission Set “Payments2Us Finance” added so banking details are separately secured.

EziDebit Enhancements

  • Added OneTimeKey for enhanced security and protection of digital keys
  • Cater for Amex with different response code of ‘000’.  Corrected for single payments, plus recurring, card holder self update of card details
  • Masked credit card number now appear on field in Recurring Payment
  • Card holder self updating card.  Now re-activates suspended payments
  • Card Type now appears on Recurring Payment after Card Update process
  • Mobile numbers cleaned before processing to remove invalid mobile phone number error
  • Added more error capture checks to cater for unexpected responses from EziDebit
  • Correct Conflict when running PayPal and EziDebit
  • Recurring payment processing  now passing in both first name and last name
  • EziDebit signup for Direct Debits - if the option to charge first on selected day, then sets Next Payment Date on signup to correct date
  • Correction to EziDebit Nightly check processor where it was incorrectly updating payment status’s with failed attempt status that occurred prior to successful attempts


  • Added Default BPAY CRN rule on Merchant Facility
  • Added new BPAY CRN Generation method of “EziDebit”

Card Update from within Salesforce

  • Required field for Card Type now being enforced
  • Automatically assigning card type based of card number
  • After entering credit card, removes all spaces and tidies up card details

Checkout Form

  • Supports Language Translation workbench for Radio Buttons. For example, you can now override the Method of Payment Labels if required.
  • After entering credit card, removes all spaces and tidies up card details
  • Default Language setting corrected  I.e. correction of phone number format.  See FAQ 27 of https://help.payments2us.com/m/userguide/l/623463-checkout-form-faq

About Payments2Us - Create Samples

  • Sample data includes logo and background image
  • sample data does not relink P2P campaign if it already exists
  • sample data uses existing tokens if previous authorised

P2P Search

  • Change to amount for individual fundraiser amount raised.


  • Batch processor start/stop now starts and stops more related batch processors to cater for change of system admin users/permissions.
  • Checkout and Card Update forms.  
  • Changing of demo password now automatically resets to correct one to remove invalid username/password error
  • Campaign, Add to event button linked to Modern form and no longer to classic version

8.0 Post upgrade steps

  • Enabled Remote Sites (setup > Remote Sites)
    • EziDebitJSONProduction
    • EziDebitJSONSandbox
    • YodleeProductionEnvironment
    • YodleeDevEnvironment
  • EziDebit customers
    • All Merchant Facilities.  Remove “No OneTimeKey“ from Payment Gateway Options.
      This option is set by default during the upgrade process so issues wont occur with the remote sites being deactivated.
  • Add “EziDebit” and “Generate EziDebit” to picklist values for all record types to field “BPAY CRN Rule” on objects
    • Payment Txn
    • Contact
  • Add “Default BPAY CRN Rule” to Merchant Facility Page Layout
  • Add picklist value License Options on object Merchant Facility for all record types
    • Bank Feed 01
    • Bank Feed 02
    • Bank Feed 03