Security and controls overview

1. Overview of security and controls

Payments2Us takes security and trust as part of its core values.

That is why we have built as a native on the worlds trusted Salesforce CRM platform.  For details on Salesforce trust and security, visit and see the compliance certificates at and learn more at

Payments2Us only works with Payments Gateways that are secure and have PCI Level 1 compliance.  Whenever we are given the choice of options, we always select the most secure option.

The topics in this chapter are NOT and exhaustive security list that we have built into our forms, it is just a small subset.  For security reasons, we do not publish what all the built in options are.  We are only publishing options that allow your organisation to fine tune and configurable security access options.

2. Payments2Us Post Installation

As part of the post install process, your administrator or Salesforce consultant would have gone through a number of security setup steps.  You may wish to review these from time to time as suggestions may change.  See Installation Security section and in particular the Sites Sharing Settings