8.11 December 2021

8.11 Release updates

Card Holder Recurring Payment Update

  • Added new feature where a customer/donor can select a new amount as part of the card update process.  Great option for Fundraisers to increasing their regular giving amounts.

Windcave PxPay

  • Saved more information into Payline portal to help with reconciliation
  • Added Fail Proof Notification
  • Updated payment status check processor to work with PxPay

Windcave Webservice

  • Correction for Get Status to correctly update Payment Txn status for Recurring Payments

Import Files

  • New option for card import and charge to use Authorization/Authorisation Complete
  • If contact Id specified as part of the import then first name, last name, email populated if these fields are blank.  This removes error of last name missing.

Experience Cloud

  • Updates to enable Transact Payment, Token Charge to work in Experience Cloud [beta]


  • Fraud Attempt logs now include IP Address
  • Trigger Handlers using new custom metadata retrieve methods to reduce number of SOQL queries
  • Payments2Us Webhook  Payment Complete  updated Receipt Email to be contacts email if passed in as part of the Payload, otherwise uses Merchant Facility default.
  • Authorise of Payments2Us App has highlighted text to make it clearer the Completed button needs to be pressed.  In addition, the Complete page now goes to Payments2Us settings
  • Remove need to Payment Gateway option of “Enforce New Public Sites Security” as this is now always required.
  • Better logging and error messages for incorrectly authorised/expired auth of Payments2Us App
  • Corrected Visualforce issues with lead/contact/account address updates an edit override pages
  • Updates to Visualforce pages with Lightning Design to remove styling that Salesforce is about to archive
  • Corrected unhandled error on manual payment if field on Payment Txn of type formula and api name of “account__c” existed.

8.11 Post upgrade steps

  • Merchant Facility Object, field “Payment Gateway Options”  ALL RECORD Types, add “Use Fail Proof Notifications”
  • Merchant Facility Object, Field Dependency between “Payment Gateway” and “Payment Gateway Options”  enabled “Use Fail Proof Notifications” for “Windcave PxPay”
    • Note, if you do not have this field dependency already setup, you can skip this step.
  • Field “Form Processing Actions” on Objects  “URL Token”,”Payment Form”, add picklist values:
    • Amount and Payment Info Update
    • Amount, Contact and Payment Info Update
  • Import File Line Item Object, edit Page Layout and add Payment Response Code/Desc/Text, Payer Id, Transaction Source, Payment Gateway Customer Profile Id to Credit Card Processing section

For Windcave customers using PxPay
Windcave have a number of products.  To check if you are using the "PxPay" one, in Salesforce navigate to the Merchant Facility Tab and click into the active ones you are using.  If you have "Payment Express PxPay" or "Windcave PxPay" then you are using the PxPay product and should follow the below.  If you are using other Windcave products, there is NO need to do the below.