9.6/9.7 November 2023

9.6 Release Updates

Recurring Payments

  • Card Holder Update links now have the option to update Amount And/Or Card Updates
  • To enabled this, set the Payment Form, field “Form Processing Actions” to “Amount and Payment Info Update”
  • Checkout Page, updated text when regular payment frequency selected:
  • When “Annually” frequency selected, the text now shows the Month name instead of “Annually”.  
  • Day of month shows st/nd/rd/th after the day of the month number.  E.g. 1st for First of the month


  • Captcha enabled for Free Events

Batch Entry

  • Allow option to sign up for Recurring Payments
  • If the Batch Header  Payment Form field “Enable Recurring Payment” is set, then the Frequency options are now enabled for entry at the line item level
  • Donation By picklist now uses options that are enabled on the Payment Form  Donation By Options multi-picklist field
  • Corrected issue where manual payment details were copied from previous lines onto subsequent lines
  • Credit Card Capture and processing improved to cater for field level history tracking.

Xero Integration

  • Fixed Issue with Batch Processor and SOQL Error when automatically syncing Contacts
  • Added AccountNumber integration for Account level Syncs
  • Added new Object for Xero Item Code and Syncing with Xero Item Code at Invoice Line Level
  • Xero Last Sync Date added to Account


  • Permission Sets include “Splits”
  • Membership Automatic renewal, fix to ensure Payment Day remains correct.  Especially for Annual Renewals with a Grace Period of zero days.
  • Stripe Card Update for HKD set to $4.00 as auth amount as this is the minimum allowed by Stripe
  • When using Nonprofit Cloud, matching rules automatically select “Nonprofit Cloud” when Create Samples from About Payments2Us Tab.
  • When using Addressfinder, license options correctly works without requiring DataTools license as well.
  • Stripe Card Update for HKD set to $4.00 as Auth amount as this is the minimum allowed by Stripe
  • Opportunity Field  “Drawer” increased from 60 to 128 characters

9.6 Post upgrade steps

Xero Invoice Items

  • Object Manager, Locate Xero Invoice Line Item.
  • Add Xero Item Code to Xero Invoice Line Item “Page Layout”