6.13 September 2018

6.13 Release Notes

General Updates

  • If a File is uploaded against a Subscription Issues, then it is available now through a download link on the subscription Issues.
  • New fields added to Contact for Enable Portal User and Portal User Profile.   This enables workflows to automatically create a Community User.  This is useful if the membership/subscription to provide the member with a Community portal login.  You can setup your own custom workflows/flows to easily enable/disable users
  • Annual Statements and Membership Renewals/Confirmations now use a json definition stored on the Letter object.  This allows for these forms to have more granular field / layout definitions.
  • When Recurring Frequencies selected and also recurring frequency are specified on the payment option, the Modern form now disables the frequency select and automatically highlights the frequency based of the selected payment option (e.g. membership Monthly selected would highlight the Monthly frequency radio button).
  • Modern Form  When a picklist is marked as a required field, the “none” option is removed.
  • Added Delivery Address option to Modern Form


  • Modern Form  Payments Comments would repeat if multiple fields assigned to this section of the form.
  • Modern Form  if PaymentBy url parameter passed in or URL Token Payment by Set, the form was not correctly showing the individual/company selected option.
  • Token Charge, Card Update, Expiry updates forms were not correctly rendering for Community Portal or Service Console users
  • Correction if no recurring frequencies selected on the Payment Form, but Payment Options had recurring frequency set
  • Should multiple PayPal transactions be recorded in Salesforce, the second one is now marked as Duplicate status
  • For annual statements, the body font text colour could render the text invisible.
  • For manual payments, if the magnifying glass on lookups for contacts was selected, this would rerender the entire page.  Clicking on the magnifying glass event is now ignored.
  • Delivery Point Id with Kleber enabled was not being saved with the Modern checkout form.
  • If a subscriber group type membership and an Event payment were received within 10 minutes of each other, a blank Subscriber Group record was being created.

6.13 Upgrade Notes

  1. If you'd previously made your own manual/custom changes to Letters - JSON, then you'll need to reapply these after the upgrade.