4.7 August 2015

4.7 Release Notes

  • Customers/Donors can now be sent an email when their Recurring Payment fails or Card Expiry date is reached.  Templated emails and workflows exist for simple deployment of this option
  • Direct Debits now has an import file for uploading and processing of Direct Debit Returns
  • Receipts now use a new fieldset for the Organisation Address allowing for more customisation and flexibility.  The new fieldSet is called “receiptOrganisation” and is found on the Merchant Facility Object. In addition organisation fields are now available on the Merchant Facility enabling multiple companies to be run from within one instance of Salesforce.

If the organisation fields on the Merchant Facility are blank, then the Salesforce Company Information details are used as was previously the case.

  • Checkout used with manual payments now has it’s own fieldSet to enable customisation of fields shown on confirmation page.
  • Receipts, Invoices, Membership Confirmations, Membership Renewals no longer generate an activity history.  Workflow rules have been added to create tasks for each of this options.
  • This change now removes the risk of record locks occurring  especially when a large number of memberships expire on the same day.  It also removes an issue where on occasions the activity history was not being recorded.
  • Checkout form now has two new URL Parameters
    • AllowManualExternal: allows for the Manual Payments option to be available on the form when run in public/guest mode.  This is useful for mobile persons that are not logged into Salesforce and wish to capture payment details such as cash/cheque/money order etc.
    • ExpiryDateDisplay: allows for the expiry date to be free form entered.  This is useful if Sales/Service staff are using smartphones to scan cards.
  • Checkout  now the ability to re-arrange the Group Memberships details.  The fieldset “checkoutOrderSections” now includes a new field called “checkoutMemberGroupDetails“
  • Invoice No and Biller Code fields now 80 characters on Contact, Payment Txn and Import Line Item.
  • Correction to URL Token Hide Payment Note was not working.  This option was only working with the URL parameters.
  • Validation rule added for change schedule to make sure payment option selected is for same merchant facility
  • Checkout functionality added to better handle connection timeout errors.  The timeouts stop alert the user to a possible issue and place the Payment Txn in a queue for re-checking at a later time.
  • Recurring payment processor now checks for a batch being resubmitted. This could occur if the batch is running during a salesforce maintenance period.


4.7 Upgrade Notes

  1. Setup > create > objects. Click into Merchant Facility.  Scroll down to page layout area.  Click edit on layout.  Drag/Drop these fields: Organisation Name, Street, City, State, Postcode into the Receipting Section
  2. Setup > create > objects. Click into Direct Debit Batch. Scroll down to page layout area.  Click edit on layout. Select Buttons.  Drag/Drop "Import Return Items" onto page layout. Save.
  3. Setup > create > objects. Click into Import File. Scroll down to Fields area.  Click into Import Type. Press New button, add "Australia ANZ - Direct Entry Return" and "Australia BECS - Direct Entry Returns". Save