Stripe Specific

1. From which field does the Statement Description on card holders account populate with?

The Statement Description on Card holders account comes from the Merchant Facility-> "Organisation Name"  field.

2. Why do I get the error "signed document does not match hash check"?

This generally means the Webhook Secret Key has not been setup correctly.

3. Stripe Support has asked for the Request Id, how/where do I find this?

Locate the Payment Txn that you are looking to have investigated, then locate:

  • Payment Confirmation No.
  • If the Payment Confirmation No. is blank, then use Payer Id

Login to Stripe Dashboard, then go to:

Paste the valued (Payment Confirmation No. OR Payer Id) from above into the search box and press enter (1)

Then copy the value of the id beginning with "req_".  This is what you need to send to Stripe support.

4. I cannot see/edit the Expiry Date or CVV

For some themes, the Expiry date and CVV can be a little light and harder to see. User will see this when entering the card details.
Should this be a concern, you can:

  1. Select a different "Theme" option on the Merchant Facility
  2. Change the Payment Gateway on the Merchant Facility to "Stripe SCA".  This is the preferred option for Stripe as it uses their newer APIs
  3. Get your web developer to setup custom theme.  Note, custom themes do have an extra monthly cost and should your web developer have questions that cannot be answered from the help guide, then you may need a Premium Support Block to assist.  The advantage to this option though is your form would better match the rest of your websites branding.
5. How can I separate out the card number, CVV and expiry date

For Stripe, the section highlighted below is controlled 100% by Stripe. It is hosted on their server.  
There is no way to split this out or separate these fields.  The Payments2Us Payment Form builder has no influence on these fields.

6. We are getting a Stripe Webhook failure email

If you are getting an email from Stripe Saying you are getting a Webhook Failure, then check:

  1. Go through the Stripe setup process again.  Make SURE you have used the Reveal for the secret key, vs. copying another reference shown on the page.
  2. Recheck all Sharing Rules have all been setup correctly.  Suggested Sharing Rule setups do change from time to time.
  3. The Payment Txn is located by the "TxnRef" field AND Last Modified Date (Created date prior to version 9) is in the last 5 days.  Probably it can occur when your admin has enabled Create Audit Fields - please get this turned off.
7. Why are Credit Card fields missing from Stripe SCA?

For Stripe SCA, the Credit Card details do not show until the "Next" button is pressed.  This is due to the way Stripe SCA works and its method of managing security features such as Secure 3D.

8. What is the difference between Payment Gateway "Stripe" and "Stripe SCA"

See payment gateway comparison for an up-to-date comparison between gateway options.

The "SCA" in "Stripe SCA" stands for Strong Customer Authentication. This means it includes Secure 3D anti fraud functionality to make transactions more secure.

Any new functionality of Payments2Us will only be added to "Stripe SCA".  Currently a big difference is Apple Pay and Google Pay are only available with "Stripe SCA".

One key user experience difference is "Stripe SCA" requires users to press the "Next" button before the credit card/payment details section will show.


9. Can I take a payment without a CCV or setup a Recurring Payment without a CCV

For Stripe, all external facing forms require a CCV

When you are logged in as a Salesforce user, CCV is optional with:

10. Why do I see an error saying "Expiry Date Update is not available for Payment Gateway Stripe"

Stripe does NOT provide use with the ability to just update the expiry date.   That is why the message on the Card Expiry Update shows.

Some gateways do provide this.  You can see a comparison at:

You'll need to do a full Card Update with Stripe but using the "Card Update" button/component on the Recurring Payment Object.  Alternatively send the Card Update link to the Card Holder so they can update the details.

Follow up question we some times receive:  Can we update the expiry date within the Stripe Dashboard.
Unfortunately this update within Stripe will not sync back to Salesforce.  For the next charge, we will still be sending the old expiry date and this will cause the payment to fail.  
You'll need to use the Card Update and enter the full details from the Recurring Payment, or send the Card Update link to the Card Holder so they can update the Card Details.

11. We can’t seem to use the Credit Card Expiry field on our Recurring Payments

Stripe needs Expiry date in correct format and therefore the Card Expiry Date is editable by anyone. We have a different field "Expiry MMYYY" which can be edited and that in turn will update the "Card Expiry Date".

"Expiry MMYYY" field might not be available by default and you may need to add it from page layouts.

12. We are getting Card Error: Sending credit card numbers directly to the stripe API is generally unsafe. We suggest you use test tokens that map to the test card you are using. when using Batch Entries and Import Files functionality.

When you are processing a Batch Entries or Import Files you might get error message as below

This is because stripe has recently made some changes to their API wherein you have to enable the below setting when you send credit card numbers to their API.

Login to your Stripe account and go to Business settings | Integration | Advanced Settings. Enable Process payments unsafely.

Please note that the above changes are only required for Batch Entries or Import Files, normal checkout form uses the updated API and will not require any changes.

Stripe allowed users that registered before 2017 to continue using the API without throwing this security issue. Only newly registered users get this warning so they may be able conceive the payment differently using the new token mechanism released in April 2019

12. How do I turn off the Autofill Link button that appears over the Credit Card Entry?

If you are seeing the "Autofill Link" on your checkout entry of Stripe, you can disable this in your Stripe account.

Log into your Stripe Dashboard, then go to settings > payments > payment methods:

Expand the "Link" option and turn off.  Make sure you complete the Stripe Survey and press SAVE.

13. Why do some Billing Tokens on the Recurring Payment Start with "card_" and others start with "pm_"?

"card_" is the older version of Stripe

"pm_" is the newer version.  This will appear when you use Stripe SCA as the payment gateway on the Merchant Facility.

You may have a mixture of the two because you changed the Payment Gateway on the Merchant Facility from "Stripe" to "Stripe SCA" or perhaps the Billing Tokens were migrated from a previous system.

Generally, either can be used and both will work fine, but if you have ones beginning with "pm_" then we recommend using "Stripe SCA".  This is nothing to be concerned about.

14. Why do I get the Payment Gateway Response "This Customer doesn't have any legacy saved payment details, but does have a Payment Method attached. Use a Payment Intent instead of creating a Charge:"?

This error can occur when you have migrated tokens from another solution to Payments2Us, or have switched from a Payment Gateway of "Stripe SCA" back to "Stripe".

To fix, navigate to the "Merchant Facility" Tab.  Click into the Merchant Facility being used and change the Payment Gateway from "Stripe" to "Stripe SCA".