Sandbox - FAQ

1. I'm trying to import a file in sandbox, but no records are being created even though it has the status Completed. What do I do?

1. Check the Error log - see if there are any errors in the import fields.

2. Check Apex Jobs within Setup - see if the import has been completed.

3. Check that the Demo Merchant Facility has the correct Org ID for the Sandbox in it, not the copied ID from Production. These need to match in order for the batch processor to function. The field value can

Please proceed with caution if you have copied your LIVE Merchant Facility to Sandbox

Please note: Do not use your LIVE Merchant Facility copied into Sandbox for test, always use the Demo Facility. Otherwise there may cause duplicate charges. For extra security, remove the Payment Gateway password and deactivate the LIVE Merchant Facilty.

4. Check for any custom fields added that they do not have "duplicate" API names . Salesforce processes remove the AAK from the API name and will read it as a duplicated eg: AAK_firstname__c is recongnised as have the same API name as firstname__c. It will however allow for new custom objects to names and will not return with errors when creating new fields. We are endeavouring to address this in conjunction with Salesforce.

2. I have created a new Full or Partial Sandbox, what do I need to do to make things work?
  1. You may need to update the Salesforce Org Id on the Merchant Facility.  PLEASE use extreme caution and follow the notes in The Merchant Facility FAQ - "how do i test in sandbox with my merchant facility copy but make sure it does not start charging cards in my live instance by mistake"
  2. Make sure you reset your Base Site URL on the Merchant Facility.  See procedure "How to connect your new site to your Merchant Facility"
  3. Re-Authorise Payments2Us App.  See procedure "How to authorise Payments2Us for Public Website"
  4. If you are using License Options for Payments2Us add-on's, email support @ your Salesforce Organisation Id and request updated license keys.
3. Can we push Payment forms and Merchant Facilities created in Sandbox to Production?

It is not possible to push to production. The safest way is to recreate the forms in Production.

You could potentially use data loader to migration Merchant Facility, payment form, payment options, letter objects and re-link.

Note, on the Merchant Facility, there is the Organization Id field.  You'd need to update that too.

If you've done a number of changes using the Payment Form builder, you could add the Payment Form JSON to the page layout and then copy/paste that to the production version.