Release FAQ

1. How to I find out what Release my organisation is on?

1. Go to the Setup cog on the top right hand side of the screen. Click Setup.

2. Star Typing Installed Packages and it should appear in the side menu.

3. Click on Installed Packages.

4.  Next to Payments2Us in the Version heading is the release edition number. Click here for instructions on how to perform an upgrade.

2. How can I tell when Salesforce is going to upgrade my instance?

Locate your Salesforce instance

  1. Click on the setup cog (top right)
  2. Type "Company Information" into the search
  3. Select menu item "Company Information"
  4. Copy the "Instance Name"

Navigate to

Enter your instance name (1)  and press on the Search icon (2)

Click into result for your instance

Click on the Maintenance Tab (1)

The "Major Release" (2) are the updates that Salesforce performs 3 times a year.  This has the planned date/time for your instance.


3. What is your rollout sequence for upgrades?

The general roll out sequence for our upgrades are:

  1. Beta testing and regression testing performed in various test environments
  2. We upgrade our internal instance
  3. Publish to the AppExchange and notify those that are waiting on a particular piece of functionality
  4. Send release communications schedule advising of Sandbox and Production release dates
  5. Push updates to Sandbox
  6. Push updates to Production (generally at least 2 weeks after sandbox)