Direct Debit - FAQ

1. What do the different Direct Debit statuses do on the Payment Txn?

There are 4 steps available in the Direct Debit Process

  • Direct Debit Start
  • Direct Debit Assigned To Batch
  • Direct Debit Processing
  • Direct Debit Error

Direct Debit Start
When a new Payment Txn is created as part of a Reoccurring Payment. Only Txns with this status will be available to add to Direct Debit Batches. If a Txn has been marked as Direct Debit Error, the Reoccuring Processor updates it back to Direct Debit Start the following day when it runs so it becomes available again to add to other Batches.

Direct Debit Assigned To Batch
Once Txns have been selected and the Add to Batch button has been pressed, the Txns will be updated to Direct Debit Assigned to Batch. Only Txns with this status will be added to the ABA file when it is extracted.

Direct Debit Processing
To created and ABA file, press the Extract button on the Batch. Once this happens, all Txns in the batch will be updated to Direct Debit Processing.

If you need to created a new ABA file from the same batch to make corrections, make sure all Txns you wish to be included are reverted back to Direct Debit Assigned to Batch. Otherwise they will not be included in any subsiquent ABA files created.

Direct Debit Error
Any Txns that were not successfully deducted, or are incorrectly added, mark these as Error (do not click the delete option next to the Txn). This number of attempts on the Recurring Payment will increase by 1.

Similar to credit card attempts, the following day the Recurring Processor will create a new Payment Txn set to Direct Debit start to be available to add to the next Direct Debit batch.

This process will repeat until it has reached the attempt amount specified on the Direct Debit attempts amount on the Merchant Facility. When it reaches the limit, it will change the Recurring Payment status to Suspended.

Additional information can be found here on the Direct Debit Process

Please Note: As of March 2020 the Direct Debit process has changed

  • Direct Debits has it's own retry attempts field on the Merchant Facility, rather than using the same field as credit card Recurring Payments. This field is set to 1 by default,. This can be edited.
  • Direct Debits create a new Payment Txn per attempt. Previously the status of an errored Payment Txn would be changed back to Direct Debit start so it could be re-attempted in a future Direct Debit batch if more attempts were available.
2. I've created a batch today for the payments that are due tomorrow, but they aren't available to add to the batch. How do I add them?

For Regular Payments, the next Payment Txn will not be created until the date of the next payment due. So therefore only payments due today or before today will be available to add to a Direct Debit Batch.

Eg: Your client pays on the 16th of each month, the Payment Txn will be created when the Reoccurring Processor runs on the 16th. The Reoccurring Processor is set to run automatically at 1am each morning.


3. I added some Direct Debit Payment Txns incorrectly to a batch. Does clicking Delete just remove them from this batch?

Warning: Pressing delete in the batch next to DELETES THE PAYMENT TXN. Do not press this unless you want to delete the Payment Txn Record. Deleting records is not recommended.

The correct way of removing is to select the Payment Txn tick box of any that you would like removed and click the Mark Error(s) button. This will then change their Status to Direct Debit Error and not include them in that batch. This is the same process. Any Direct Debit Error Txns will be updated the following day

If a particular Payment Txn needs to be available straight away to another batch, update the Status manually to Direct Debit Start.

4. I needed to make some changes to the ABA file, so after I marked the Txns that were not to be included as error, I pressed the Extract button, but the new file was blank. Where are the other Txns?

The first time a Batch is extracted, it will update all Txns to the status Direct Debit Processing. Txns that have Direct Debit Processing therefore be added to subsiquent ABA files that are extracted. Only Txns with the status Direct Debit Assigned to Batch are available.

Update the Txns to be included as Direct Debit Assigned to Batch and then extract again.

5. I re-extracted the ABA file after some corrections, but the batch still has the original number of records and total dollar amount. How do I know the numbers are correct?

The first time and ABA file is extracted it will populate the No. in Batch and Total Batch Amount details.

Any ABA files that are extracted after that, the fields No. In Last Extracted File and Total Amount in Last Extract will update with each new file with the latest file totals.

When a batch is completed, the original with the totals from the latest ABA file.

6. Why are some Payment Txns that are on status Direct Debit Start not available when I try to add them to a Direct Debit Batch?

Direct Debit Payment Txns will only be available to add to a Direct Debit Batch if they have the exact Merchant Facility and Payment Form as each other. Double check that they are the same on both the Payment Txn and the new Direct Debit Batch.