Membership - FAQ

1. Why am I getting the Error Company Name must be entered?

An error has appeared on the payment membership form requiring Company Name, but there's no field to fill out that information. How do I fix it?

A: If the membership type selected is set to the Account Level, then a company name to match with an account is required. 

The Payment Options can be found in the Payment form, and the levels can be viewed there if you are unsure.

To enable the Company Name field:

1. Go into the Payment Form, and go to the Donation section. 

2. Check that the Enable Donation By box is ticked, and the Donation by Options has Company and/or Organisation is selected. 

Note: If you select the Individual option also, it'll use the contact name entered in the the payment rather than the new field being available.

When the Company or Organisation option is selected in the online form, the field will be made visible. 

Note: This does not make Option to Donate available, even though it's in that section. That option will need the Enable Donation With box ticked if you would like this option available.

2. I renamed the some fields in the Payment Form Builder, but the fields Membership No. and Membership type don't pick up the new wording, how can those be updated?

There are two fields on the Payment form that control these field labels, Payment Option Label (Membership) and Membership ID label (Membership No.) The need to be udated there. These fields are in the Subscriptions/Memberships section on the Payment Form

4. How can I set memberships to automatically renew?

There are some different options:

  • Add the Automatic Renewal checkbox to your payment form and the member can select this option when they sign up. See how to add fields here, and add it to the field set you wish to have it display. The field is part of the Payment2Us package, so you do not have to make a new custom field, just add the existing field to your Payment Form.
  • Find the Payment Options that you wish to have renew automatically, and check the Automatic Renewal checkbox. This will apply auto renewals to all memberships from then on using these Payment Options. Existing Memberships will need to manually be updated.
  • Make sure the payment option has a frequency that is not blank or Once-off.  For example "Annually".  This is required so a Recurring Payment is created and linked to the Subscription.  The Recurring Payment is what will actually charge the renewal.
5. How is the Membership No. assigned?
  • If the "Membership No." on the Contact or Account Object is blank, then it will be automatically assigned when the Payment Txn goes through the Matching Process.
    If there is already a Membership No., the it will NOT be updated.
  • The "Override Target Contact Values" on the Merchant Facility must be set to Yes for the Membership No. to be assigned.
  • The Membership Number assigned is from the field "Membership No.".  Membership No is based of the field "Membership Id".  If the "Membership Id" is blank then the "Membership Next No." is used.
  • For accounts, the Membership No. is prefixed with "A".
  • Should you wish to use your own numbering sequenced, then you could use a workflow field update to assign the Membership No. at the Contact and/Or Account levels.

NOTE: Membership No. is assigned to all contacts regardless of the payment being for a membership or not.  This is due to some organisations also using this as a support/unique contact number.  If you only require this for members, then you'll need to add your own logic with Flow etc (support on this logic is not available through standard Payments2Us Support).

6. Why isn't the Print Email Receipt field updating on a membership/subscription record when I change the email address on the contact?

The Print Email Receipt will only update from the contact if the end date is not greater than 180 days in the past.

Eg: If the end date was 31/12/2017, the field will not update.

Also check to make sure the user has the following:

  • update access permissions to the subscription object
  • update access permissions to the Print Email Receipt field on the subscription

Adding the Payments2Us Admin or Standard User permission sets to the User will grant these permissions.

7. How to Cancel a Membership?

To Cancel a Membership follow the steps :

1.  Activate the workflow - "Subscription Cancelled" .

Open Setup->Search Workflows->Find "Subscription Cancelled" by doing a Alphabetical look-up.


2. Go to the Subscription Record you want to cancel and set the Membership Status field to Cancelled.

This will automatically set the Renewal Reminder field to "Cancelled" and End Date to "TODAY's Date.


8. How Membership renewal dates are affected by Subscription Lapsed Grace Days specified at the Merchant Facility?

Merchant Facility has a field called "Subscription Lapsed Grace Days" were we can specify how many days grace from the previous subscription/membership should be given without starting afresh from todays date, vs. making the subscription start from the expired date.

Here are some example scenarios how the Membership end dates change when "Subscription Lapsed Grace Days" is blank.

1. For a member who renews BEFORE their expiry date has passed – membership term is 365 days from day after their current expiry date

End date-30/09/2021

Renewed on - 29/09/2021

End date changed to- 30/09/2022

2. For a member who renews AFTER their expiry date has passed – membership term is 365 days from transaction date

End date-21/09/2021

Renewed on - 29/09/2021

End date changed to- 30/09/2021

9. Why does Invalid Membership No error appears when trying to make a payment?

The "Invalid Membership No" error occurs when either the Membership No or the Last Name is Incorrect. This is done to provide security otherwise you could just enter a membership number that was around your number and bring up phone, email, address for a member.

If the Payment form has the field "Enable Membership Search" set to "Yes- External Validate, Internal Search and Display", then when a user making a payment on the public website, the “External validate ” means the membership number is only validated on submit (or Pay Now button).  This option does not retrieve and show the members contact details.  This option is available so as to protect a possible privacy issues should someone know the persons membership number and last name, they could retrieve the members personal contact and address details.

10. How can I or a member enter their Membership No. and auto-populate their contact details?

If you are looking to populate the members contact details or allow the member to populate their own details, then set the field "Enable Membership Search" on the "Payment Form".  

For the picklist values, the word "Internal" means a Salesforce logged user and "External" means a member/contact on your public website. The picklist options therefore mean:

  • Yes - External Validate, Internal Search and Display.  Internal logged in users can use the search. Public website visitors cannot do the search, but the combination of Membership Number and Last Name are validated when the form is submitted for processing.
  • Yes - Internal and External Search and Display.  Both Internal logged in users and public website visitors can both to a search and auto populate of contact details.
  • No. or Blank.  Means no search or validation of Membership No. and  Last Name will occur.

For the search to start, both the "Membership No." and the "Last Name" fields must be entered on the Checkout Form.

11. Why does the Transaction Date match the date of payment for memberships?

During renewal process we update the Transaction date to the Last Renewed date on the Subscription record. The renewal process uses the last renewed (if after today's date) and then adds the period specified at the Payment Option.

12. What is the difference between Membership Id and Membership No.?

Membership Id- We use membership Id for validation via online form and matching process and not for assignment.

Membership No- Is assigned the first time a payment is made via Payments2Us. When a new payment is received and the contact is created/updated, the membership number is assigned there ONLY if it is blank.

The "Override Target Contact Values" on the Merchant Facility must be set to Yes for the membership number to be assigned.

The Membership Number assigned is from the field "Membership No.".  Membership No is based of the field "Membership Id".  If the "Membership Id" is blank then the "Membership Next No." is used.

For accounts, the Membership No. is prefixed with "A".

Please see FAQ 5

13. How to add custom fields to the Member Details section for Joint/Family membership?

Please follow the links on how to create a custom field and make it available on the form.

Then add the custom field to the field set on the Payment Item Object->Field Set->externalMemberDetails

14. Why we are getting the error - "Program/Area: contactUpdate.printEmailReceiptUpdateSubject: update(subscriptionSaveResults)Description: Object (id = xxxxxxxxxxxx) is currently in trigger AAkPay.contactUpd, therefore it cannot recursively update itself" ?

You may have another package that is interfering with the updates.

The latest version of Payments2Us from the AppExchange should include the package name in the error if that is causing the issue.

Alternatively, there might be a process builder, workflow or flow that is going triggering from the subscription that is updating the contact record.  This might be causing a similar error to occur.

Regardless of the above, you can manual address, There are field calls "Email" and "Print Email Receipt" exist on the Contact and one called "Print Email Receipt" on the Subscription object.

Add these fields to the page layout.  Edit the page layout and make the fields editable.

Then simply put the correct email address into all 3 fields (probably copying the Email to the two "print email receipt" fields).

16. We have another field that has the Membership No. / Supporter No.  - how can we use this field?

You cannot use this field with the inbuilt logic for matching or finding memberships / contacts by the Membership No.

What you can do though is add your own Flow/Workflow that copies your Membership No./Supporter No. over to the Payments2Us Membership No. field automatically.

17. Why is the status of my Payment Txn stuck at ‘Authorisation Start’ ?

    In the Payment Form (Related to Merchant Facility Tab), if the "Pre- Authorisation" check box is ticked then this makes the Payment Transaction to be treated as Authorise and Authorise Complete process.

   The status of Payment Txn would show as "Authorisation Start".

18. Why is the Recurring Payment Marked as Expired for an Automatic Renewal?

Background information

Recurring Payments are marked as expired when the Next Payment Date calculated/set is after the End Date on the Recurring Payment.

For recurring payments such as donations, If the end date on the Recurring Payment is blank, then a Recurring Payment will continue until the status is changed to anything apart from Active.  For memberships, the End Date is required and represents the end date of the current period of the membership/subscription.

For Membership/Subscriptions; these are a linked to  the Recurring Payment.  If the related Account/Contact level Subscription has the Automatic Renewal checkbox set on, then the recurring payment will be extended by another period (e.g year) and the End Date on the Recurring also updated to reflect the new End Date.

Expired Status Issue

What can sometimes happen is when organisations have migrated data from an old system. If the related Account/Contact Subscription does NOT have the "Automatic Renewal" checkbox set PRIOR to the Recurring Payment being processed, then the Recurring Payment will be marked as Expired.

NOTE: If the renewed Account/Contact Subscription has the Automatic Renewal set, then the Account/Contact Subscription Automatic Renewal is updated to being checked.  You will need to check the Account/Contact Subscription Field level history and will see Automatic Renewal enabled there. The below screenshot shows the Automatic Renewal being set.

To address other potential issues, use data loader or similar to update the Automatic Renewal checkbox on all Account/Contact Subscriptions that are supposed to be automatically renewed and have a related Recurring Payment.

19. How can I change the Subscription Type Name?

When a Subscription is created, the field "Subscription Type" gets generated with a Contact Name and Subscription Name as this field is set to default field name to "Name". It is possible not to have the contact name in the subscription type and you can achieve this by creating a Flow Builder. Extending or changing workflows flows is not part of our free support.


20. Why "Tax Amount" is not getting populated within the Payment Txn?

When the "Foreign Transaction Tax Excluded" on the Merchant Facility is ticked/selected, the Tax Amount on the Payment Txn is ONLY assigned when the "Default Country" on the Merchant Facility matches the Country on the Payment Txn.

For Example for when the "Foreign Transaction Tax Excluded" is selected on the Merchant Facility:

  • If the Default Country on the Merchant Facility is "Australia" and the Country on the "Payment Txn" is also "Australia" the Tax Amount is calculated.
  • If the Default Country on the Merchant Facility is blank, or "New Zealand" and the Country on the "Payment Txn" is "Australia" the Tax Amount is NOT calculated.

If you would like to have Tax calculated and not be dependent on country then untick the "Foreign Transaction Tax Excluded" on the Merchant Facility.

Also see the How to Calculate Tax guide for more information on Tax.