Refunds - FAQ

1. I have tried putting a refund for a payment transaction, but it keeps coming back as an error saying it has been declined. What is causing this?

Check original Payment was Successful

Check the original Payment Txn to confirm that the payment gone through. In the payment section, there will be the response of whether the payment was successful or not. In the example below the payment did not proceed and therefore no payment had been taken, even though the attempted amount will still appear in the Payment Txn.

Payment Txns are not payment confirmations, but a record of any payment attempts that have been made. 

Due to stages, the workflows may still generate a receipt. But it is always best to check the Payment Txn itself for the correct status.

Check with the Card Holder that the card is still valid?

Refunds can only be given to cards that are still valid.  If the card has expired or been canceled by the card holder or their bank then the refund will not go through.

Check the Card is not a Gift type card

Gift cards cannot be refunded to.

Check refund limit not exceeded

A refund cannot be an amount larger than the original transaction. As no money was charged on this transaction, any refund above $0 will come back as an error as the system will see this as refunding a higher amount than that was charged. 

Check the error response with the Payment Gateway

Payments2Us records the response from the Payment Gateway you are using (e.g. Windcave, Stripe, PayPal, NAB Transact,, EziDebit etc.).  Please contact the Payment Gateway and ask them why the refund failed

Payments2Us does not have code that returns and error for payment transacting, including refunds.

Payments2us connects to a Payment Gateway.   The Payment Gateway connects to the banking system and performs the transactions.

Payments2us get the result from the Payment Gateway of Success or Failure and log those in the Payment Gateway Response Code/Text/Desc and update the Status accordingly.

For more help on the status description and code, please contact your Payment Gateway for more assistance.

2. I clicked the Refund button, but then when I click the Approve Refund button on the refund payment txn I keep getting an error. How do I know if the refund was successful?

The Approve button is only required if the Refund Approval workflow is active. The workflow allows for there to be an approval process by certain members of staff, even if other staff originally actioned to the refund. The workflow stops the txn at Refund Start, and then when a user with the required access presses the Approva Refund button, it will process the refund and complete the matching process. The workflow will cause this error if the button is pressed and the status is NOT Refund Start.

If this workflow is not active, then the refund will process and the payment txn should finalised on the Matching Complete status (so long as no errors have occurred). To confirm the refund was successful:

  • The Banked payment field = YES
  • The Banked amount is -$Amount refunded (negative amount). This can be partical or the full amount of the original transaction. Note: It cannot be more than the origanal transaction.
  • The Payment Response Text contains APPROVED
  • The Status is set to Matching Complete
  • If in doubt, check your Payment Gateway and/or Bank statement
3. refunds not working

If you are seeing a "Payment Response Desc" of "Missing Masked Credit Card Number", then please check the related Merchant Facility in Salesforce and set the Credit Card masking to "4X....4X".  This will now work for transactions created from now on.  For transaction created prior to this date, you'll need to refund through the portal.

If you are seeing a "Payment Response Desk" of "A valid referenced transaction ID is required.", then check the original Payment Txn you are trying to refund.  If the "TxnRef" has a value of "0", then this indicates you do NOT have in Live Mode.  This is required, even for Sandbox.

If the original transaction to be refunded has not yet been settled (generally 24 hours form the payment), then the "Void" checkbox needs to be selected and the refund must be for the full amount (i.e. not partial).


4. What does the error message "Refunds can only be for transactions of Type Payment or Events that were process through {gateway}

The original Payment Txn record type needs to be one of:

  • Direct Debit
  • Manual
  • Payment
  • Events
  • eCheck

AND the original Payment Txn field "TxnRef" (api name AAkPay__dpsTxnRef__c) must have a value.

The "original Payment Txn" means the Payment Txn record that you are trying to refund.  This is the record that you'd press the refund button from.

The field  "TxnRef" (api name AAkPay__dpsTxnRef__c) is automatically maintained by Payments2Us.  If this is missing, then it might be related to a manual load of similar related activity.  

5. What does ticking the "Void Transaction" checkbox do when processing a refund?

Void is a special attribute of refunds.  Some payment gateways do not allow you to refund before the funds are settled. Settlement often happens within 24 hours. Voiding the transaction allows you to cancel the transaction before it is settled.

Most transactions will not require ticking this checkbox, and not all payment gateways require this step. If you are unsure, leave it unchecked.

6. I created a refund for an Payment Txn and I added the Total Amount Paid field to the Opportunity Layout so it would reflect the actual totals, but it is still blank, even after an edit/save. How does it get updated?

If the Total Amount Paid field owing is added after all txns are created (payment, refund, etc), it needs at least one txn to go through the matching process to update that field on the opportunity.

Change any related txn to Matching Start, and when it goes to Matching Complete the field will update. Only one txn is required to do this step, not all related txns.

7. Are refunds included in Annual Statements?

Yes, refund txns are included in Annual Statements so the correct totals are reflects.

8. I need to make a refund to a credit card, but the credit card that made the original payment has since expired/been canceled. Is the refund still possible?

Refunds can only be refunded to the credit card that made the original txn. If that card is no longer active, and alternative manual refund will need to be made via EFT or another method.

After refunding, to keep a record in Salesforce, you can create refund Payment Txn, but skip the part where it goes through the banking system.

  • Click the refund button on the payment txn as per the regular refund process.
  • Make sure the Approves check box is not ticked.
  • Enter "1" into the "Payment Status" Field. This is required for the banked formula fields to reflect the correct amounts.
  • ONLY If the Payment Source is "PayPal" (i.e. you have already refunded in PayPal Directly), then set the "Payment Response Code" to "PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED"
  • The newly created refund txn, the status will be "Refund Start". Change the status to Receipting Complete if you do not want to send an email notification. If you do want to send a email notification change to Receipting Start. This will then complete to the Matching process. Note that this txn is a record only, the funds will not be physically refunded through the process.
  • Clearly document how the alternative refund was processed.