How to setup Receipts

Receipts are setup by creating a new Letter.

The Letter object was added to Payments2Us version 5.7.  Should you be using a previous version then you will need to upgrade to use Receipt Letters.  Previous versions provided similar functionality, but worked quite differently.

After creating a Receipt Letter, you can then assign it to one or more of the following:

  1. Campaign
  2. Payment Form
  3. Merchant Facility

When a new Payment is created, the receipt letter is automatically assigned when the status is one of the following:

  • Payment Complete
  • Authorisation Complete
  • Manual Payment
  • Awaiting Payment

When assigning the Receipt Letter, the following logic is used.

  1. If there is a Campaign linked to the Payment Txn and the Campaign has a Receipt Letter linked to it, then this Receipt Letter is used
  2. Otherwise, if there is a Receipt Letter Linked to the Payment Txns associated Payment Form, then that Receipt Letter is used
  3. Otherwise, the Receipt Letter on the Merchant Facility is used

Creating a new Receipt Letter

  1. Navigate to the "Letters" Tab
  2. Press the New button
  3. Select Record Type Receipt
  4. Enter the Receipt Details and Save
  1. Give the receipt a name - e.g. Christmas Appeal 20017
    Layout type defaults to Full.  The use of Short is normally used in conjuction with "Print Line Items"
  2. Enter the body text.  This can include images and some styling.  
    You can use mail merge fields as part of the text.  The easiest way of getting the merge field names is to use the standard salesforce email templates and set up the text/body from there.  Then copy the email body into the receipt Letter Text area.  (Note, this uses the {!Object.Field} merge format, not the "handlebars" format which looks like {{{object.field}}}.  If your merge leaves the code showing rather than using the merged value, check you are using the correct format.)
    Note, the object that is being merged with are::
    - Receipts: Payment Txn
    - Membership Renewals and Membership Confirmations: Subscriptions or Account Subscription
    - Annual Statements: Contact
  3. Save the template, then locate the appropriate Campaign, Payment Form and/or Merchant Facility the Receipt Letter should be associated with and update those objects with this Receipt Letter.