Receipts - FAQ

1. I've uploaded our logo against the Merchant Facility, but is not appearing on the Receipt
  1. Make sure logo is of a time image and not say a PDF
  2. Salesforce changed the way files are loaded up under notes and attachments.  Your instance of Salesforce may have had the newer files and attachments type option enabled.
    You will need to revert back to the older way (you turn the newer on on after uploading the logo image).
    Navigate to setup (top right).  Then do a quick find/search for "Salesforce Files" - select the "General Settings" sub menu option.Click edit and UNTICK/deselect "Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments" and "save"

    Now follow the procedure again - How to put your company logo on the Receipt Template
2. $Label error on receipt preview or usage
$Label error on receipt preview or usage

If you are seeing an error that is similar to the above, then you need to locate the receipt email template and edit it.

The receipt email template is under setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates.  Select Folder Payments2Us, then click into "Payment Receipt", followed by the edit button.

Look for the line that begins with "<messaging:attachment".  Replace this with the

<messaging:attachment renderAs="PDF" filename="{!NULLVALUE(relatedTo.AAkPay__Payment_Setting__r.Document_Type__c,$Label.AAkPay__Receipt_Label)} {!RelatedTo.AAkPay__Receipt_Number__c}.pdf">

We have not been able to identify why Salesforce sometimes seems to change the $!label.Receipt_Label to a number field.  This error can occur after a template is edited or after an upgrade.

If you find for some reason this issue keeps on appearing, then you can replace the code with the following instead:

<messaging:attachment renderAs="PDF" filename="Receipt {!RelatedTo.AAkPay__Receipt_Number__c}.pdf">


3. When does a receipt use the Receipt Letter or Receipt Text (OLD) field?

The receipt text for the PDF attachment is derived in the following order.

  1. Campaign – receipt letter
  2. Campaign – Receipt Text (OLD)
  3. Payment Form – receipt letter
  4. Payment Form – receipt Text (OLD)
  5. Merchant Facility – receipt letter
  6. Merchant Facility – receipt text (OLD)

If a campaign is not linked/associated with the payment txn, then it will revert to the next in the sequence.

If a letter or text is found in the above sequence, then that is used an not other combination is checked.

The  letter object is being improved an enhanced all the time and is the  preferred option moving forward. Receipt Text  (OLD) is still available so that customer upgrading are not affected.

4. I want to send a different email template and receipt for a specific Payment Form/Campaign. How do I do that?

1. Clone the  Send Receipt Automatic workflow that sends all receipt emails. The managed workflow cannot be edited so a cloned copy is required. This will now be the general automatic receipt workflow

2. Add in the criteria that Payment Form/Campaign does not equal the specific Form or Campaign you want to exclude from this workflow. Include the line in the filter logic.

3. Deactivate the managed Send Receipt Automatic workflow.

4. Clone the new Send Receipt Automatic workflow, this will be the workflow specific to your Payment Form/Campaign.

5. Change the criteria to Payment Form/Campaign name equals the form/campaign your are wanting to refer to.

6. Change the send email task in your workflow to the email template that you are wanting to to send.

7. Make sure your PDF receipt is included in the specific form/campaign.

5. I added a field to a fieldset and now the whole fieldset is missing from my receipt/invoice. How did that happen?

Check all the fields in the missing field set. Field sets cannot look up to related object fields . A related object field appears as "Object>Field". See example below. Page Layouts in Salesforce still allows related object fields, but these will not work with any merging in the Payments2Us Letter Object.

6. I pasted an image into the body of my letter and it is appearing on the object, but when I send it a thumbnail with "image not available" instead. Why is it not showing in the sent PDF.

If an image is copied and pasted (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) from another source such as a document or site,  etc,  there can be some issues accessing the image in the PDF.

Make sure you always insert the image using the image button in Rich Text editor.

7. How to I apply a letterhead to a specific Receipt but not change the general letterhead on the Merchant Facility?

Different Letterheads can be applied at the Letter level. Use the following procedure, but apply to the Notes and Attachements on the Letter record.

8. How do I remove the THANK YOU at the foot of the receipt, or change it to something else?

1. Make an image jpeg of what you want to replace the text with. If you want to blank it out, have a plain white (or matching colour if not using white) image.

2. Name the file and include the word "thankyou" (all one word). It needs this wording exactly to pick up the file.

3. Add this to your Receipt Letter in the Notes and Attachments related list if you would like this for a specific template.

4. If you want this to apply to all letters, add to the Notes and Attachments related list on the Merchant Facility

Note: An image attached to a Letter will override the image attached to the Merchant Facility if there are both.

9. The changes I made in a field set have not applied to my receipt letter, why is that?

Make sure you have clicked the Refresh Button on the specific letter you are wanting to update. Make sure the button has been added on the Page Layout.

Note: If you have made any JSON edits in the letter, this will be reverted back to the current field sets. If you need to save the JSON, copy it and then reapply it after the letter has been refreshed.

10. What size should the images such as logo, receipt header be?

For the logo, the image is constrained by 50px high.  The width is automatically proportion from that and as a guide should be approximately 200px wide.

For the Letterhead, see the sizing in the introduction section of procedure: How to put your company letterhead on the Receipt Template