Checkout Form - FAQ

1. What is the Invalid URL Parameters error message
Invalid URL Parameters error message

Should you receive this error message and it is not expected, then navigate to the Payment Form that would be related to this checkout form. Payment Forms are a related list to the Merchant Facility Tab in Salesforce.

The on the Payment Form, locate the field "Force URL Token Only" and de-select - SAVE and retry the process.

The "Force URL Token Only" is an enhanced security feature.  This is best used with checkout forms that are using the URL Tokens, or are only managing things like membership renewals.  

2. Why are appeals (Campaigns) are not showing
Appeals (Campaigns) are not showing

If you have enabled appears, but the options for the end user to select the Campaign/Appeal is not showing then check the following for the Campaigns you would expect to see:

  • The Campaign is Active
  • The Campaign Publish on Web is selected (only required for public facing forms, not required for internal forms)
  • The Start Date is on or before today
  • The End Date is on or after today
  • If you have entered a value in the Payment Form "Campaign Type Filter", then make sure the Campaign "Type" field has the same value

If you are seeing the "Appeals Label" on the screen, but there is not picklist/input field, then make sure you've given the correct level of access to Campaigns on the sites - public profile.  See step 5 of this installation procedure - How to set up external site security (older version)

3. How are Appeals (Campaigns) Ordered in picklist?

The order is by Start Date and then by name on the Campaign.

4. The checkout form is not showing when embedded as an iframe or x-frame options need to be made visible
Form not showing when embedded as an iframe or x-frame options need to be made visible

Should your form be working fine when not embedded in an iframe, but stops working within the iframe, or if your webmaster has suggested that you need to make the x-frame options on the payment form visible, then you will need to do the following:

  • Navigate to setup > develop > sites.  Click edit next to the Payments form related site.
  • Change the "Clickjack Protection Level" to "Allow framing by any page (no protection)
5. We are unable to continue to the second step of the checkout wizard

If you are unable to continue to the Pay Now step of the wizard, then this means you are not using a secure form.

  1. Check the URL being used starts with "httpS://"  (Not the "S" part).  It has been the case with some organisations that when they've added the form to their website, they have missed this part.
  2. That the URL being used has in it.  Eg." For more on this, check the setup procedure Sites
  3. Make sure the Secure URL (points 1 and 2) is entered on the Merchant Facility "Site URL" field
6. On the Confirmation page, we get the "Error: The Payment Transaction was approved."
On the Confirmation page, we get the "Error: The Payment Transaction was approved."

It is likely that some of the post install steps were not completed.

  1. You need to setup the object level security on the “Sites” Profile. i.e. setup > develop > sites.  Click into site label.  Click view public access settings.  See:
  2. Make sure the “Payments2US Sites”  Permission Set is added to the Sites Guest user.  See section 3 of procedure:  

Start the Batch Processor

  1. On the primary Merchant Facility, about 1/3 of the way down the screen, there is a “Start” button for the batch processor.  Please click this to start.
8. We've installed Payments2Us or we've added a new site and we cannot enter any fields.

If you've just installed Payments2Us, or have setup a new site and your screen looks similar to the picture below - i.e., you cannot enter any details, then it is likely you've missed the step of assigning permissions correctly.

Please review How to set up external site security (older version) - In particulare Step 6 in assigning the Permission set to the Sites user.

9. We enabled CAPTCHA and now it sometimes brings up an image selection, as well as "I'm Not A Robot" tick box. These squares are annoying, can we have just the tick box?

CAPTCHA is a security tool created by Google to protect your site from robot or malware. Often it will only request the "I'm Not A Robot" tick box option, but if the browser has detected any suspicious activity such as multiple attempts from the same IP address, it'll ask further security selections to be certain. As this is operated by Google, the questions it requests can't been controlled through Payments 2 Us. 

We recommend enabling CAPTCHA wherever practical. The additional time spent in the security process can avoid problems later on.

For more information about how Google reCAPTCHA works, go to:

10. What is the difference between the Classic and Modern Payment Forms
Supports all forms
  • Checkout (once-off, recurring, memberships)
  • Events
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events

No longer supported forms

  • Peer-to-Peer
Supports forms:
  • Checkout (once-off, recurring, memberships)
  • Events
  • Peer-to-Peer

Uses "jquery themeroller" for custom themes
Uses "jquery mobile themeroller" for custom themes
PayPal - "Classic" (Express Checkout).  [No longer supported for Classic]
PayPal - "Modern".  PayPal is prompted for in lightbox style, meaning user does not go to a different page
3 step process (Confirm, PayNow, Complete)
2 step process (PayNow, Complete)
Supports the following payment gateways:
  • Payment Express - PxPost
  • Payment Express - PxPay
  • Payment Express - PxFusion
Supports the following payment gateways:
  • Payment Express - PxPost
  • Payment Express - PxPay
  • Stripe
  • NAB Transact
Payment Form Builder - Not Supported
Payment Form Builder - Supported
Cardholder update their card details, supports:
  • Card Update
Cardholder update their card details, supports:
  • Card Update AND/OR
  • Contact Update
Specific form features:
  • Service fee is not supported
  • Custom Text Fields - Is supported
  • Events - Add to Calendar is No longer Supported
Specific form features:
  • Service fee is supported
  • Custom Text Fields - Not Supported
  • Events - Add to Calendar is Supported
11. How are the Payment Frequencies Assigned

Payment Frequency are assigned in the following order

  • If a payment frequency is set on the URL Token or URL parameters, then this is used
  • If a Payment Option  payment frequency is not blank then this is used
  • If Enable Recurring is not “No”, then the selected payment frequency from the Payment Form “Payment Frequency Options” is used
  • If the “Default Frequency” is set on the URL Token or passed in as a URL Parameter, then that Frequency is defaulted.
12. Why is the Payment Frequency Read Only

The payment frequency is set as read only when:

  • The "Payment Frequency" is set on the URL Token or passed in through a URL Parameter
  • Payment Options are used (e.g. memberships) and at least one Payment Option does NOT have a frequency of One-off.
  • URL Parameter or URL Token "paymentOptionIdReadOnly" is  set to true

If the payment frequency being read only is not desired, you may wish to use the "Default Frequency" URL Parameter or URL Token value.

13. When do Payment Frequencies show on the checkout form

When the URL Parameter or URL Token option "HidePayFrequency" is NOT set to true AND one of:

  • Payment Form  “Enable Recurring” is not “No”
  • Any Payment Options do not have a frequency of not One-off
14. I added a value to an existing custom picklist but it's not showing on my online form. How do I add it?

In Salesforce, when creating a new picklist, it will give you the option to add it to all your record types at once. If you add values to it after this, each value needs to be added to the record types manually.

Go to Setup>Object Manager>Payment Txn and select Record Types on the from the left hand menu. Click into Payment

Find you custom pick list and click edit next to it

Add your new values to to the available fields on the pick list

Check that it is appearing in your form

If this value is required in other Record Types, repeat the process in the desired record type(s).

15. Why am I getting the error message “Missing (Active) Merchant Account”

There is a message on the Payment Form that says “Missing (Active) Merchant Account” You need to have at least on Merchant Facility marked as primary.  To update, navigate to the Merchant facility tab and update one facility to have the Primary checkbox selected.

There is a message on the Payment Form saying “Missing Merchant Account - Related PAYMENT TYPE” Please see the notes for message “Missing (Active) Merchant Account” and make sure that at least one Merchant facility is marked as primary.

It is also a recommendation that at least one payment type is active per Merchant Facility.  To update, locate the Merchant Facility being used, then scroll down to the Payment Types related list.  Select a payment type and mark it as Primary.

16. Why are changes not appearing on the form

This information is applicable to the Modern Form.  You will know if you are using the modern form when "Default Payment Form Mode" on the Merchant Facility is set to Modern, or the URL has "checkoutM" in it.

Symptom: I've edited some fields on a payment form and field sets, but my changes are not appearing in the webform. They used to with the old checkout form, but since changing to checkoutM forms, it does not anymore. What's happened?

On the Payment Form, Press the "Payment Form Builder (Beta)" button.

If this button does not appear on your view of the page layout, then you will need to edit the page layout and add the button to the page.  Ask your Salesforce System Administrator for assistance.

Then press the "Reset" button.  

17. Why does my live Merchant Facility have the "Payments in test mode"?

Check the Environment field on the merchant facility. Make sure it is set to Production, as this field now applies to the whole Merchant Facility object, not just PayPal. Sandbox will change it to the Test setting.

18. Why is the date format incorrect? It is showing dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy when it should be the other way around.

The date format shown to the end user is driven from their PC locale settings. The user will need to adjust these settings themselves.  For Windows PCs, from the control panel do a  search for "Region"

19. How do we add Google Analytics tracking

Navigate to:

  • Setup
  • Search [Sites].  Click into "Sites"
  • Click Edit next to the site you are using for Payments2Us

Enter your Google Analytics tracking code and press save.

NOTE, you will need to update google analytics to be able to accept the Salesforce Sites URL.  NOTE, how to update your instance of google analytics is outside the scope of Payments2Us support.

You may also want to review How to create your own Success/Confirmation Page.

20. How do I update Payment forms from Classic to Modern?

1. Go to setup>sites and select your site. Update the Active Site Home Page to AAkPay.checkoutM

2.  Go to your Merchant Facility and select Modern on the Default Payment Form Mode.