Checkout Form - FAQ

1. I got the error "Invalid URL parameters provided" or "Invalid URL Token" error message, what is this about?
Invalid URL Parameters error message

Should you receive this error message and it is not expected, then navigate to the Payment Form that would be related to this checkout form. Payment Forms are a related list to the Merchant Facility Tab in Salesforce.

On the Payment Form, locate the field "Force URL Token Only" and de-select - SAVE and retry the process.

The "Force URL Token Only" is an enhanced security feature.  This is best used with checkout forms that are using the URL Tokens, or are only managing things like membership renewals.  

If the above looks correct, then please check:

  • Sharing rules for URL Token have been setup correctly as per procedure: How to setup Sites Sharing Settings
  • Installation security setup is correct as per procedure: How to set up external site security for payments, including the later steps of assigning Permission Sets to the Sites User.
  • Check the URL being used includes the key and token ("?key=xxxxxxx&Token=xxxxxxxx") as displayed on the URL Token object, field "URL Parameters". We have found that even an extra space or a slash at the end of the URL could cause this error.  We refer to a potential cause of this (extra slash) in our FAQ touching on a hyperlink not working.
2. Why are appeals (Campaigns) not showing, or which Campaign are shown in the Appeals options
Appeals (Campaigns) are not showing

If you have enabled appeals, but the options for the end user to select the Campaign/Appeal is not showing then check the following for the Campaigns you would expect to see:

  • The Campaign is Active
  • The Campaign Publish on Web is selected (only required for public facing forms, not required for internal forms)
  • The Start Date is on or before today
  • The End Date is on or after today
  • If you have entered a value in the "Payment Form", field: "Campaign Type Filter", then make sure the Campaign "Type" field has the same value
  • If the Campaign is linked to a "Payment Form", then the Campaign is excluded if the related Payment Form field "Payment Type" is "Event", "Program" or "Training"
  • If the Campaign is not showing on the Public Website ( sites), but is showing internally (as a logged in Salesforce User), then make sure the "Campaign" Object sharing rules have been setup correctly.

If you are seeing the "Appeals Label" on the screen, but there is not picklist/input field, then make sure you've given the correct level of access to Campaigns on the sites - public profile.  See step 5 of this installation procedure - How to set up external site security for payments (Classic version)

A maximum of 100 Campaigns are shown on the Public facing forms or 200 for internal facing forms.

3. The checkout form is not showing when embedded as an iframe OR x-frame options need to be made visible OR setting up CORS

3.1. Check X-frame options

Should your form be working fine when not embedded in an iframe, but stops working within the iframe, or if your webmaster has suggested that you need to make the x-frame options on the payment form visible, then you will need to do the following:

  • Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites.  Click Edit next to the Payments form related site.
  • Change the "Clickjack Protection Level" to "Don't allow framing by any page (Most protection)".

Then Go to Setup->Session Settings->Trusted Domains->Add Domain - Add Your website domain - *{yourwebsitedomain}".

NOTE the *.yourwebsite domain.  
A common mistake is organisations add say, but there website actually uses (with the www. added, or some sites have removed the www.)  Using the * would cater for both scenarios.

3.2. Check you are using a secure URL

  1. Check the URL being used starts with "httpS://"  (Not the "S" part).  It has been the case with some organisations that when they've added the form to their website, they have missed this part.
  2. That the URL being used has in it (prior to Enhanced Domains Enablement), or (post Enhanced Domains Enablement [Jan 2023]) in it.  Eg. "" For more on this, check the setup procedure How to connect your new site to your Merchant Facility
    MAKE sure the Base Site URL on the Merchant Facility is updated to have the secure URL

3.3. Check with your webmaster

There might be a setting on your web platform that is blocking forms from a different site.  You will need to check with them as we are not able to provide any further assistance here.

4. We are unable to continue to the second step of the checkout wizard

If you are unable to continue to the Pay Now step of the wizard, then this means you are not using a secure form.

  1. Check the URL being used starts with "httpS://"  (Note the "S" part).  It has been the case with some organisations that when they've added the form to their website, they have missed this part.
  2. That the URL being used has "" in it.  Eg. "" For more on this, check the setup procedure How to connect your new site to your Merchant Facility
  3. Make sure the Secure URL (points 1 and 2) is entered on the Merchant Facility "Site URL" field
5. On the Confirmation page, we get the "Error: The Payment Transaction was approved."
On the Confirmation page, we get the "Error: The Payment Transaction was approved."

It is likely that some of the post install steps were not completed.

  1. You need to setup the object level security on the “Sites” Profile. i.e. setup > develop > sites.  Click into site label.  Click view public access settings.  See:
  2. Make sure the “Payments2US Sites”  Permission Set is added to the Sites Guest user.  See section 3 of procedure:  

Start the Batch Processor

  1. On the primary Merchant Facility, about 1/3 of the way down the screen, there is a “Start” button for the batch processor.  Please click this to start.
6. We are building our own success page.  What parameters do we have access to?

Please see the help article on How to create your own Success/Confirmation Page.

7. We've installed Payments2Us or we've added a new site and we cannot enter any fields.

If you've just installed Payments2Us, or have setup a new site and your screen looks similar to the picture below - i.e., you cannot enter any details, then it is likely you've missed the step of assigning permissions correctly.

Please review How to set up external site security (older version) - In particular Step 6 in assigning the Permission set to the Sites user.

8. We enabled CAPTCHA and now it sometimes brings up an image selection, as well as "I'm Not A Robot" tick box. These squares are annoying, can we have just the tick box?

CAPTCHA is a security tool created by Google to protect your site from robot or malware. Often it will only request the "I'm Not A Robot" tick box option, but if the browser has detected any suspicious activity such as multiple attempts from the same IP address, it'll ask further security selections to be certain. As this is operated by Google, the questions it requests can't been controlled through Payments 2 Us. 

We recommend enabling CAPTCHA wherever practical. The additional time spent in the security process can avoid problems later on.

For more information about how Google reCAPTCHA works, go to:

9. What is the difference between the Classic and Modern Payment Forms

NOTE: From 1st March 2020, Classic forms are no longer supported

Supports all forms
  • Checkout (once-off, recurring, memberships)
  • Events
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
Supports forms:
  • Checkout (once-off, recurring, memberships)
  • Events

Uses "jquery themeroller" for custom themes
Uses "jquery mobile themeroller" for custom themes
PayPal - "Classic" (Express Checkout).  User is redirected to PayPal and returns to form on completion
PayPal - "Modern".  PayPal is prompted for in lightbox style, meaning user does not go to a different page
3 step process (Confirm, PayNow, Complete)
2 step process (PayNow, Complete)
Supports the following payment gateways:
  • Payment Express - PxPost
  • Payment Express - PxPay
  • Payment Express - PxFusion
Supports the following payment gateways:
  • Payment Express - PxPost
  • Payment Express - PxPay
  • Stripe
  • NAB Transact

Custom Text Fields - Supported
Custom Text Fields - Supported since version 7.7
Payment Form Builder - Not Supported
Payment Form Builder - Supported
Cardholder update their card details, supports:
  • Card Update
Cardholder update their card details, supports:
  • Card Update AND/OR
  • Contact Update

Service fee is not supported Service fee is supported
10. How are the Payment Frequencies Assigned

Payment Frequency are assigned in the following order

  • If a payment frequency is set on the URL Token or URL parameters, then this is used
  • If a Payment Option  payment frequency is not blank then this is used
  • If Enable Recurring is not “No”, then the selected payment frequency from the Payment Form “Payment Frequency Options” is used
  • If the “Default Frequency” is set on the URL Token or passed in as a URL Parameter, then that Frequency is defaulted.
11. Why is the Payment Frequency Read Only

The payment frequency is set as read only when:

  • The "Payment Frequency" is set on the URL Token or passed in through a URL Parameter
  • Payment Options are used (e.g. memberships) and at least one Payment Option does NOT have a frequency of One-off.
  • URL Parameter or URL Token "paymentOptionIdReadOnly" is  set to true

If the payment frequency being read only is not desired, you may wish to use the "Default Frequency" URL Parameter or URL Token value.

12. When do Payment Frequencies show on the checkout form

When the URL Parameter or URL Token option "HidePayFrequency" is NOT set to true AND one of:

  • Payment Form  “Enable Recurring” is not “No”
  • Any Payment Options do not have a frequency of not One-off
13. I added a value to an existing  custom picklist but it's not showing on my online form. How do I add it?

In Salesforce, when creating a new picklist, it will give you the option to add it to all your record types at once. If you add values to it after this, each value needs to be added to the record types manually.

Go to Setup>Object Manager>Payment Txn and select Record Types on the from the left hand menu. Click into Payment

Find you custom pick list and click edit next to it

Add your new values to to the available fields on the pick list

Check that it is appearing in your form

If this value is required in other Record Types, repeat the process in the desired record type(s).

14. Why am I getting the error message “Missing (Active) Merchant Account”

If there is a message on the Payment Form that says “Missing (Active) Merchant Account” then check:

  1. You have at least on Merchant Facility marked as primary.  To update, navigate to the Merchant facility tab and update one facility to have the Primary checkbox selected.
    It is also a recommendation that at least one payment type is active per Merchant Facility.  To update, locate the Merchant Facility being used, then scroll down to the Payment Types related list.  Select a payment type and mark it as Primary.
  2. The Salesforce Organsiation Id on the Merchant Facility matches your Salesforce Organisation Id under - setup "Search: Company Information", click into "Company Information"
    NOTE and WARNING: If this is a sandbox with data (e.g. Full Sandbox), then DO NOT Update if you have Recurring Payments. Doing so could cause these payments to be charged in Sandbox as well as production.  We recommend instead, using the About Payments2Us Tab, then create samples.
    NOTE: This error message often occurs for organisations that have created or using a sandbox.  Please checkout the Sandbox FAQs
  3. Check Sharing Settings have been added for Merchant Facility.  See procedure: How to setup Sites Sharing Settings  In particular, check the settings for Merchant Facility.
    In particular when checking the sharing settings, make sure "Share with" in "Step 4: Select users to share with" is set to the correct site.  This needs to be your sites setup for Payments2Us.  If you are using Experience Cloud/Communities then this picklist will have multiple options.  
    If you are using Payments2Us on both your public website and Community/Experience Cloud, then you'll need to have these sharing rules setup twice (for each site/community)
  4. Re-Authorise Payments2Us App as per procedure Section 5:  Authorise Payments2Us
15. Why are changes not appearing on the form

This information is applicable to the Modern Form.  You will know if you are using the modern form when "Default Payment Form Mode" on the Merchant Facility is set to Modern, or the URL has "checkoutM" in it.

Symptom: I've edited some fields on a payment form and field sets, but my changes are not appearing in the webform. They used to with the old checkout form, but since changing to checkoutM forms, it does not anymore. What's happened?

On the Payment Form, Press the "Payment Form Builder (Beta)" button.

If this button does not appear on your view of the page layout, then you will need to edit the page layout and add the button to the page.  Ask your Salesforce System Administrator for assistance.

Then press the "Reset" button.  

16. Why does my live Merchant Facility have the "Payments in test mode"?

Check the Environment field on the merchant facility. Make sure it is set to Production, as this field now applies to the whole Merchant Facility object, not just PayPal. Sandbox will change it to the Test setting.

17. Why is the date format incorrect? It is showing dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy when it should be the other way around.

The date format shown to the end user is driven from their PC locale settings. The user will need to adjust these settings themselves.  For Windows PCs, from the control panel do a  search for "Region"

18. How do we add Google Analytics tracking?

Navigate to:

  • Setup
  • Search [Sites].  Click into "Sites"
  • Click Edit next to the site you are using for Payments2Us

Enter your Google Analytics tracking code and press Save.

NOTE:  You will need to update Google Analytics to be able to accept the Salesforce Sites URL.  

NOTE: How to update your instance of Google Analytics is outside the scope of Payments2Us support.

You may also want to review How to create your own Success/Confirmation Page.

19. How do I update Payment forms from Classic to Modern?

1. Go to setup>sites and select your site. Update the Active Site Home Page to AAkPay.checkoutM

2.  Go to your Merchant Facility and select Modern on the Default Payment Form Mode.

NOTE: From 1st March 2020, Classic forms are no longer supported

Custom Themes: If you previously created your Custom Theme in Jquery Themeroller (classic), a new Theme will need to be created in Jquery Mobile Themeroller (modern). See here for further information and instructions.

20. How do I hide a section on a Payment Form?

URL tokens have a number of sections that can be hidden. in the Display Options section.

Create a new URL token and tick which sections that you want to be hidden.

If there is a custom section you want to remove, uncheck it on the Payment Form.

21. Why do I get "Missing Token" or "Missing token, Payments2Us App Re-Authorisation required." Error message

Items to check for are:

  • Go to  Error Logs - Payments2us and check for other errors logged prior to this one. If they exist, they are more likely the cause of the issue.
  • The other most likely reason for this is that Payments2Us has not been authorised as an App, or the user that did the authorisation has now been marked as inactive.  To fix, re-authorise as per procedure Section 5:  Authorise Payments2Us
  • Navigate to the About Payments Tab.  Does this provide an button to "Create Remote Site Setting".  If it does, then press the button to create, then re-authorise as per above bullet point.
    If there is an error when pressing this button, then note/copy the URL for the Error message. Then go to setup, search "remote sites".  Add a new Site, "SFDC Internal" for the name and paste the URL copied.  Then re-authorise as per the above bullet point.
    If the "Create Remote Site Setting" button is still showing, then enable "My Domain" (see salesforce online help).  Then re-authorise as per the above bullet point.
  • Check the Sharing Settings are correct, see procedure: How to setup Sites Sharing Settings
  • Check that you "Default Payment Form" mode on the Merchant Facility Tab is set to "Modern"
  • If you are using an existing URL, make sure it is using the modern version.  I.e. if the URL contains Then make sure the word checkout has "M" at the end, e.g.

This error may also occur due to the following scenarios:

  • The user that originally authorised the App has been de-activated
  • Salesforce as moved your instance onto a new pod (and in turn a slightly different URL)
  • You have another error message that occurred.  Please check Payments2Us error log as that may have details on that error message and what it relates to.  
  • For version prior to 8.12, if you manually added a new Merchant Facility and then made it active after the App was first authorised
  • You have created a partial or full sandbox and did not re-authorise the App before first using in that sandbox.
22. Why do I get insufficient access rights on object id: [a0Q....]

First thing to check if you get this error is that the "Batch Processor" has been started on the Primary Merchant Facility Tab.  To start, navigate to the Merchant Facility Tab.  Click into the one marked as Primary.  The about 1/3 of the way down the screen press START button for the Batch Processor.

Also, if your Salesforce instance has "Secure guest user record access" on Sharing Settings (under setup), then you need to have "Enforce New Public Sites Security" selected on the primary active Merchant Facility.

If the above does not help, then check the Sharing Settings are correct, see procedure: How to setup Sites Sharing Settings.

If there are still issues, check the setup for Sites Object Settings and permission sets.  See procedure: How to set up external site security for payments, ensuring all steps including assigning of Permission Sets are completed.

23. Why is the form not submitting, or why is the Next/Pay Now/Donate button greyed out

The most likely reason for this is the Captcha is not shown/selectable.

A likely reason is that your organisation has a custom domain.  See How to add Captcha types with the custom URL?

Another possibility is that and older recaptcha is being used.  These are not longer supported.

  • To fix, on the Merchant Facility Tab, under the field "Captcha Type" selected a different captcha type such as "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA".
24. How to add Captcha types with the custom URL?

If you have your own custom url, you will have to register captcha, add your custom URL and enter the details on the Merchant Facility.   Make sure your register for Version 2 - tickbox.

There are fields called Captcha Private Key and Captcha Public key are on the Merchant Facility.

Please add those fields to the  page layout if that is not visible as there were not placed on the Merchant Facility for customers doing first install prior to version 9.4.

If you see an error "ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type" shown in the reCaptcha, then this indicates your keys are for the wrong version.  Please register for Version 2 of the API/keys.
Also, make sure the "Captcha Type" is set to "Im Not a Robot - Strict" on the Merchant Facility.

25. Our website is using a URL token, but I don't know which one. How can I find it?

1. In the URL of the payment form, there will be a record ID. It is a 15 digit ID after "checkoutM?key=XXXXXXX

2. Go to your instance and past this ID in the URL after "/r/"

This will take you to the URL token record that is being used.

This process can be used to find IDs for Payment Forms and Merchant Facilities too.

26. I keep getting an InvaIid Date error when filling out, but there is no field that has a date on the form, what's causing the issue and how to I fix it?

In recent updates (Feb 2020) with Salesforce there have been some errors with date fields. If there had been a date field that was previously filled in, the autofilling component on the browser has retained the information, even if the field is no longer on the checkout form.

Find the history section of the browser and clear history of the Autofill options. Some browsers might have different names for these actions.

27. Should I used "http" or "https" for my Base Site URL/iframe parameters?

Always use the secure site "https". You can manually add the "s" to your Base Site URL if it needs updating.  Also, for production instances, make sure the Site Base URL on the Merchant Facility contains

Also make sure these check boxes are ticked on your site as well.

28. The phone numbers on the Checkout form are the wrong format, how do I fix this?

If the phone number formatting looks like it is for a different country.  For example, you are in Australia, but it is showing a US format then you need to adjust the sites default locale and language.

28.1. Enable your language and locale for your public facing sites user

Navigate to setup (1), Search "Sites" (2), click into "Sites" menu option (3).

Click into (NOT EDIT) the site (4) you are using for your checkout forms

Click Public Access Settings

Click View Users

Click edit next to the User

Update your Locale Settings.

In particular the Locale one to correct the phone number format.

29. Checkbox fields are being unchecked on a Contact Record when a new Payment Txn is created and matched. Why is it blanking out the value?

When the matching process occurs, the fields with API like-like values on Payment Txns and contacts will update

  • If the value has changed

Eg: Phone number on the  contact is 0411111111, but the new Payment Txn has 0422222222 in the Phone number field, the value will be updated to 0422222222.

The field value will not change

  • If the value on the field on the Payment Txn and the Contact are the same
  • If the field is blank

Eg: Phone number on the  contact is 0411111111, but the new Payment Txn has no value in the Phone number field, the value will be retained with 0411111111.

However, this behavior does not apply to Checkboxes. Checkboxes are always considered to have a value, either TRUE or FALSE.

Eg: If a Contact Record has a checkbox ticked to TRUE, and a new Payment Txn has the same field not checked FALSE, the field on the contact record will be updated to FALSE.

Please take this into consideration when creating your Payment Forms.

30. How to change the page name on the webpage tab when a Payment form page loads?

For example, If you want to change the name  AAkonsult shown below to a different name.

This name gets populated from the Company Information-> Organization Name.

Change the name and press Save. The new page will have the name changed to Payments2Us.

31. What to do if we get the following error-  "Payments2USDML - error processing callout response: Malformed JSON: Expected '{' at the beginning of object" while submitting a form?

If you get the above error message, please Re-Authorize the app. See the link to re-authorize app.

Authorise Payments2Us

This error may occur due to the following scenarios:

  • The user that originally authorised the App has been de-activated
  • Salesforce as moved your instance onto a new pod (and in turn a slightly different URL)
  • You have another error message that occurred.  Please check Payments2Us error log as that may have details on that error message and what it relates to.  
  • For version prior to 8.12, if you manually added a new Merchant Facility and then made it active after the App was first authorised
  • You have created a partial or full sandbox and did not re-authorise the App before first using in that sandbox.
32. Why is the checkout form stuck/hanging with still processing message?

If you are observing the in progress message as per the screenshot below showing and not going away, then please follow the procedure "Installing your language" in the setup guide.

This seems to be a requirement particularly for customer on the Australian Salesforce servers.

If you are still experiencing this issue after doing the update, then make sure you language you have applied matches the language used for the sites / public facing page:

Check the language/locale that you are using for the Sites - public user.   You can see the locale in your instance in the installation guide for setting up external sites security.   At a high level, the navigation is setup (icon top right) > search "sites" - click into "Sites" Under the "Sites and Domains" menu.  Then click into the site used for Payments2Us.   Click "Public Access Settings" button.  Click "View Users" button.  Click into the User.

If you are using a Payment Gateway of "Stripe" and are on version 9.2 or 9.3 and you have Direct Debit enabled and are trying to select Direct Debit, then there is a known issue where the form will hang.
For now, change the Payment Gateway on the Merchant Facility to "Stripe SCA"

33. Why the Custom lead in form is using an incorrect Payment form?

If the URL parameter for Payment form and Merchant facility is not specified then the default is used.  

You can either reset the default, or get your web developer to pass in payMSetting and payMType.

See the link on URL parameters-List of available URL Parameters



34. What are the minimum fields required on the checkout?

At a minimum, we require the transaction details (Amount), plus the contacts Last Name.

This said, the more information you have, the better the matching and de-duplication will be. If you were to just have the last name, you would always end up creating a new Contact as an example.

For EziDebit, the minimum is contact first/last name, phone, mobile, email and full address details.

35. Why do I get the error "no merchant facility control user details found"

If you see the error message as shown above, this means the username or password for the payment gateway on the Merchant Facility is blank/missing.

36. Why the"Campaign Member Status" set to Paid on the Payment form doesn't reflect on the Campaign member status for the members when they get added to the campaign?

If Campaign Member Status at Payment form has a value and a Campaign is associated with a payment, then a campaign member record will be created and assigned the status specified here. If this field is left blank then they will by default be set to Responded.



If the Campaign Member is created without the Status then


1. If the "Campaign Member Paid Status" field on Payment form has value- Paid

2. Switch to Salesforce Classic, Go to Campaign->Click on Advanced Setup and add the Status value.

37. What is the reason for "Invalid Mobile Phone" Error on the checkout form?

1. This could be rejected by DataTools.

Please either remove Phone validation from the Merchant Facility - data validation options.

Or, contact DataTools support and ask them why this is being rejected.

2. If using EziDebit  and If this looks fine at the DataTools side of things, then please check with EziDebit support.  They often validate the phone number some degree, but that is normally length.

3. Check you do not have a validation rule in place if the above does not work.

38. How to add an additional Country to the Checkout Form "Country" field list?

Go to Setup->Custom Metadata Types

Then select "Manage Records" link next to "Payments2Us Country"

Click New Button

Enter Details and press Save button.

39. How to remove a Country to the Payment form "Country" field list?

Go to Setup->Custom Metadata Types

Then select "Manage Records" link next to "Payments2Us Country"

Click "Edit" link

De-select "Active" checkbox and save.

40. How can I default the Country and/or state on the Checkout Form?

Throughout the App, most defaults and behaviours are determined from the related Merchant Facility and Payment Form object.

For Country or State, these can be set on the Merchant Facility

41. How do I change the default suggested donation?

The second suggested donation amount is the one that will always default.

For the example below, if you are looking to make $1,000 the default suggested donation amount, then on the Payment Form, you would setup the suggested 2 amount to be $1,000 and suggested 3 to be $90.

42. How to I unpublish or remove a Payment Form?

If you are looking to make a form temporarily or permanently unavailable, you can use one of the following techniques.

42.1. If your form was published using a Full Text URL from the URL Token

If the URL looks has key=xxxx and it also includes &token=xxxx, for example looks like the one shown below, then you can copy the record id that is between key= AND &Token=.  In the below example, this is a052G000011B7V2

Whilst logged into Salesforce, you can then paste this after the in your URL and then press enter.  As shown in the screenshot below.

After locating this URL Token record, you can then delete it.

42.2. If your form was published using a Short URL from the URL Token

If the URL has /U/ in it then you are using the short URL.  For example the one shown below.

Copy the value after /U/ and then paste this into the search box in Salesforce.  In the above example, this is "G000011B7V2F"

This will locate the URL Token used.

You can then either:

  • Remove the URL Token
  • Or, update the "Tiny Token" value to something that is different, eg. "Invalid"  (Note: you may need to edit the page layout and change this to an editable field)
43. We want to use the "Manual Payment Form" for all internal processing, the form doesn't cater for Family Membership processing. When I press Save, the txn proceeds to batch without asking for other Family Names.

The standard Manual Payment does not cater for  Family/Subscription Group very well.  You'll notice the status stops at  Awaiting Payment.  It is expecting you to add the Payment  Items (family members) manually.

The best way is described in procedure:  Using the "Make Payment" Button on the Contact - select "Credit Card", then select Manual type of payment.

44. When I complete the checkout Form and select one-Off Authorise as a frequency, the payment transaction get created but the status is set to Confirmation. What should we do next?

If the Payment is in Confirmation, this means the Payment/Authorisation has not completed yet? Can you please check the Payment Gateway Response Code/Desc/Text. Please check the Payments2Us Error Log for any unexpected errors.

45. Payment Txns with Banked Payment set to YES are coming in from the Checkout Form.  However, the status is stuck and does not progress to Matching Complete. This means no Opportunities or Contacts are being created.

If the status on the Payment Txn is "Payment Complete", then this means  that it has not progressed to the next status "Receipting Complete".

This can happen when:

  • The Send Receipt on the Payment Form (related to the Payment Txn) is Not "Yes - PDF Version" or "Yes - PDF Version - Skip Recurring"
  • The workflows that are delivered with Payments2Us are de-activated or modified (these are related to the Payment Txn object)
  • There is an error with the receipt.  Check the Error Log.

If that does not help, please do a review on the Payments2Us Error Log  as there may have been a downstream processing issue.  The error log  should give you a tip on what the issue might be.

46. How to set up  two different checkout forms on two different landing pages on website? I can see Key and Token numbers on the URL in the present checkout form. Do I need another key and token number and if so how to get them?

You can have another URL token created for the new page. Please follow the link below:

You can also copy the key value in Salesforce and it will take you to  the URL token and you will be able to see the form and campaign linked  to the present page.

47. Is it possible to pass in a parameter in the URL and have the language change(Ex: Chinese, French)?

You may be able to use 'lang=' see help link:

If this does not work then you will have to use another Site, and change the language on the site user record.

48. Why is Payment Method "Manual" is not appearing in the Payment Form for Membership/Subscriptions?

If the Payment Method selected is "Manual" but in the related Payment Option has a picklist value of "One-Off-Authorise" in the "Frequency" field.  

This will hide "Manual" Payment Method on the Payment Form as this frequency is NOT valid for Manual Payments and is reserved for Credit Cards and Direct Debits in some scenarios.

In order to show Manual on checkout form, you will have to make sure that frequency is NOT "One-Off-Authorise".  This is particularly true if the related Payment Option is set as "Default"

49. How do we pause the Recurring Donation process and reactivate the same once we are ready for the process to resume?

On the Main / Primary Merchant Facility, there is a button about 1/3 of  the way down.  This is Recurring Payment Processor.  Press STOP and that  will pause the processor.

Similar spot to the Batch Processor in this FAQ:

If restarting in say a few months, you may want to review the last  payment date/next payment date.  These may need to be manually updated.   You may want to loop back to our support as you can either do catch ups  (for the missed payments), or skip.

50. Can we reschedule the process for a later date instead of it running at the current set time. If so, how do we update this?

If wanting to skip, you can set the Next Payment Date on the Recurring Payment object to a future date.

51. Why does an "invalid date" error occurs for the Birthdate field on the while processing Checkout Form?

Please check if you have any validation rule on the Birthdate field on Payment Txn object. If  so change, deactivate the validation rule and check again.

52. How to remove fields on Checkout Complete page ?

If you have made changes to the field set, then you will need to do a  Refresh from the Payment Form Builder in order for that to reflect.
The other way you can do this from Payment Form builder. Simply remove fields from the page and save.

53. How do I change the message at the bottom of the payment form just after the reCAPTCHA that says "By clicking the button below, I authorise xxxx to charge my Credit Card, starting on dd/mm/yy....."

This message was added to Payments2Us in release 9.2.

It will appear when a frequency that is not One-time/Once-off is selected.

We added this as Card companies such as Mastercard are now requiring all organisations to make it very clear when a person is signing up for regular payment/donation.

The message looks like the screenshot shown below.

The text can be found in custom labels.  Navigate to:

  1. Setup cog (top right)
  2. Quick find "Custom Labels"
  3. Click on Menu option "Custom Labels"
  4. Sort by Value
  5. Filter by "B"
  6. Click into "Authorise Recurring"

The text is: "By clicking the button below, I authorise {0} to charge my {8}, starting on {9} and on the {7} day of each {5} for the amount of {3} for {4}. It will remain in effect unless I (we) notify {0} by contacting at {2}.", where:

  • {0} = Organisation Name from the Merchant Facility.  If blank, then the Salesforce Company Name as defined in the setup menu
  • {1} = Todays Date
  • {2} = General Email from the Merchant Facility.  If blank, the email associated with the sites user
  • {3} = Total Amount to be paid
  • {4} = Payment For.  This is from the Payment Form object, field Payment Type, or could be passed in as a URL Parameter
  • {5} = Payment Frequency Selected, e.g. Monthly, Annually etc.
  • {6} = Account Type - e.g. Cheque/Check, Savings
  • {7} = Day of month the transaction will occur
  • {8} = Method of Payment Selected, e.g. Credit Card, Direct Debit etc.
  • {9} = Start date for charging the card.  Mainly todays date, but if the enable payment day selection is enabled, this could be a future date.

To override the text, you need to use the Transalation Work Bench.  See the Translation of Custom Labels guide.

54. We have added a new Picklist value, for example "Mr & Mrs" to the Salutation field, but it is not showing on the form

When you add new Picklist values, you should select the checkbox to add to record types.

If you did not do this at the time of adding the value, you need to go into every single record type and manually add.  To do that select the Records Tab (1), then for each record type Click into the record type label (2)  - DO NOT select the Edit menu option.

Click Edit next to the Picklist you wish to update

  1. Select the Values you wish to include
  2. Click the Add > arrow
  3. Save
55. What can I do to improve the checkout form load time?

You'll notice that the second time you go into the Checkout form, it loads quite quickly.  This is because the form is "cached".

The default timeout for the cache is 10 minutes.

There is a field on the Merchant Facility called "Cache Time".  This may  not be on the page layout and your Salesforce Administrator may need to add it.  Please consult Salesforce online guides, trailhead or Salesforce support if you need assistance adding fields to a Page Layout.

Enter a value into the field "Cache Time" that is higher, such as 2880 for 2 days (in  minutes).

As a side note, we use Salesforce servers to host the forms, so are a little bound by their speed in serving up the forms.

Our forms do have a large amount of security checks built into  them.  Some of these can slow the form down.  Having a secure form is  important for all organisations and the trust of their donors.

We are looking to use a salesforce speed improvement tool called  platform cache.  This is on the development roadmap, but no fixed date  is set yet.

If all of the above does not meet your needs, you can work with  your web developer and create lead in pages, with our form being just say the  credit card entry section.  See: