Events - FAQ

1. Why is my event not showing in the upcoming events or events calendar

In order to show the Event on the Upcoming Events page or Calendar, the following need to be set on the campaign:

  1. Start date on or before today
  2. End date on or after today,
  3. The Campaign must be active
  4. The Campaign must be linked to a payment form.  The linked payment form needs to have a Payment Type of “Event”, "Training" or “Program”
  5. Have the “publish on web” checked

If for some reason, any of the above fields are not showing on the page layout, you need to press the edit page layout link and drag/drop these fields onto the page layout.

2. Tickets for my Event have been booked and paid for, but they're not being counted in the booked ticket amount on the campaign. Why is it doing that?

1. Check the status' of your Campaign Members. They need to be set to Paid in order for the ticket numbers to be included in the Booked tickets on your event.

2. Go to your Payment Form and make sure that the Campaign Member Paid Status is set to Paid. If this field is left blank then they will by default be set to Responded.

Note: If you update the Campaign Member Paid Status field and tickets have already been booked, it will not update any bookings made prior to the change.  You will need to manually update the Campaign Member status' and add the number of booked tickets. Custom workflows could be created to make these changes, but note that this will affect any past Campaigns using that Payment Form.

3. I'm running reports on my campaign members for an event, but it's including people who have booked on behalf attendees and that are not coming to the event. How do I filter them out in reports?

Campaign Members that have selected that they are attending will have 1 ticket against each attendee. Campaign Members that did not tick the "I'm attending" check box will have No of tickets at 0.
In your report make sure that you have No. of tickets  not <1 or >0

4. How do I report on custom fields added, for example dietary requirements?

You will need to create a new report.  The Report Type that you use will depend on the "Event Type" selected on the Payment Form.

  • If the Event Type is Tickets Only, then use "Payment Txn's" as your report type.
  • If the Event Type is NOT Tickets Only, then use "Payment Txn's with Payment Items"

You would most likely want to add the following filters:

  • Where Campaign Name equals your campaign
  • Banked Payment equals YES
5. The webform is not showing the ticket or event details of a campaign. How do I fix that?

The "Publish on Web" check box needs to be ticked for events to be visible on the external web form.

6. How to add Custom field on Event Attendee Section of Payment form?

Inorder for Custom fields like "Dietary Requirements" to appear on Event Attendee section  of the form (screenshot)

Add the field on Object -> Payment Item so it reflects on Event Attendee 

7. Why is the Require Membership No. not being enforced?

If you have selected the checkbox field "Require Membership No." and the membership number field is not being validated, then please check:

  • Payment Item Object, has validation rule "Check_for_Valid_Membership_No" enabled
  • On the Payment Form, the "Event Type" field is NOT blank or "Ticket Only"
  • Note, the validation occurs on the specify attended page only and not on the first screen that has the tickets selection.  This is because the membership validation is at the Individual contact level and all attendees are required to have a valid membership no.

For more details on this, please see Turn on the "Require Membership No." validation rule on the Payment Option guide.

8. Is there a limit to the number of tickets, or why am I seeing no tickets available?

There is a default maximum number of tickets of 100.  This will only be used if the events - Campaign Maximum No. of Tickets is Blank AND the Payment Form Maximum No. of tickets is also Blank.

If you wish to have more than 100 tickets available then enter a number, e.g. 9999 into the Campaign Maximum No. of Tickets is Blank OR the Payment Form Maximum No. of tickets.

9. How does the Max No. of Tickets Available field on the Payment Option works with the Group Size field?

Max No. of Tickets Available fields on the "Payment Form" is the Total  Ticket selling for any Event. And the same field "Max No. of Tickets  Available" in Payment Options is referring to the Group or Section of  Tickets which should be less than what we mention in Payment Form.

10. How the field values and purchased tickets work to mark a Payment Option as SOLD OUT?

The "Sold Out" of Tickets depends on the "Ticket Type" you choose in Payment Form.   (Extract from release notes: 8.6 Release  Events  Correct Issue when “Max No. Per Ticket Type” specified would incorrectly mark ticket types as sold out).The corrected issue is for "Max No Per Ticket Type" in the Payment form.  Normally the reason for tickets sold is due to  specifying "Max No. Tickets Available" at the Payment form level and  having Event Type as  "Tickets Only". Please specify Max No Ticket Available at the Payment Option level if  you are using Event Type -Ticket only in Payment Form Level.  If you  change the Event Type-" Ticket and specify all attendees" it should all  work.

11. For Event Registration, is there a way that a member can enter their member number and then purchase at a specific member rate?

On the Payment Option, there if a field call "Require Membership No".   If this is enabled, then a last name or company name for account level  members and membership no. will be required to be entered.

The Payment Option is the type of ticket.  This  is the related record  to Payment form, that is related to the Merchant Facility.

To setup and enable this, please see procedure How to set up Membership specific pricing