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How to automatically match Payee to Contact

Payments2Us can match records both automatically and manually by searching for existing contacts already in the database.

After a receipt has been send, the Payment Txn record is eligible for matching. If automatic matching is enabled this process will start when:

  • If the Batch Processor is started, then the Batch Processor will change the status to Matching Start to trigger the update
  • If the Batch PRocessor is NOT running, then the process will start when the Receipting is complete.

1. Enabling Automatic Matching

The Merchant Facility tab can be found within the Payments2Us menu (Top right picklist in Salesforce - Select Payments2Us), or it can be found under the "More" at the end of the tabs. (In Salesforce Classic - It can be under the "+" at the end of the tabs)

Once you have clicked on the Merchant Facility Tab, select the appropriate List view (Example - "All Merchant Facilities") and click into Merchant Facility you wish to update.

1.2. Scroll down to the 'Account, Contact, Opportunity Matching' heading

1.3. Select 'Match and Create New if No Match Found' and SAVE

2. How does matching work?

Matching works on the number of fields that match on the Payment Txn record to fields on the contact record.  Each filed that matches is allocated a weighted score.  When the score is greater than 50, it is considered a good match.  The combination of fields that has a highest matches is then used.

For some fields, such as "Account" name, the matching of the name is case insensitive, spaces are removed when comparing and words such as "limited" "pty" etc. are remove from being compared.

The weighting for different field values are:

  • Email + 80
  • Mobile + 80
  • Phone + 20
  • Membership Id + 90
  • Street + 30
  • Account + 25
  • Last Name + 25
  • Suburb + 15
  • First Name + 20
  • Fundraiser Id + 70

Each of the rules are evaluated separately. If any have blank component, then they are excluded. For example, if you had a matching rule of "First Name" + "Last Name" + "Suburb" and the following values

  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Smith
  • Suburb:

This rule would be excluded from evaluation as suburb has blank.


3. Match Only - option

Match Only - option

If the Automatic Matching is set to "Match Only", then depending on the score calculated is High/Low or None then the resulting action as shown in the table above will apply.

Low matches need to be reconciled manually