Mass Address Update

1. Mass updating of addresses and DPID overview

This process is more applicable to Australian customers that are using the Delivery Point Address ID (DPID) and barcode numbers to generate bar codes for Direct Mailouts.

For information on generating and using barcodes, please contact Datatools - at their support/contact page.  

The procedure below explains how you can prepare the data in Salesforce so it can be used with their solutions.  Whilst there is no known limit for the number of Addresses that can be verified and DPID/Barcodes generated, this process is best suited for those organisations that are planning on using an individual direct mailout to 2,000 or less contacts.  With mailout counts greater than 2,000, you should contact Datatools directly for one of their tools.

Warning: This process will consume credits with your Datatools account each time you run it.  Please ensure you have the authority to use these credits.  
If you are testing out the procedure, perhaps run with just one related contact to start with, then add all you contacts as a subsequent step.

If you are looking to verify 250,000 addresses per annum, we suggest you speak with Datatools directly to find the most appropriate plan.

The primary purpose of this routine is to generate / update DPID, Barcode Number and Barcode Sort Seq.  Some minor corrections will be made to addresses, but if the address was not valid to start with, then the updates will not occur.

2. Setup Campaign

A Campaign is setup to group the contacts that are going to have their Address's verified and DPID, Barcodes regenerated for.

If you do not see the "New" button, make sure your user record has "Marketing User" checkbox set.  For more information, check with your Salesforce admin or Salesforce support.

This procedure does not require an particular record type.  However, your Salesforce administrator would have to add the "Mass Update Addresses" button if it is not a Payments2Us included record type ("Event" , "Peer-to-Peer", "Annual Statement")

3. Add Contacts to Campaign

Contacts associated with the Campaign will have their Address details verified and the DPID, Barcode numbers will be regenerated and saved for each contact.

There are a number of different ways of adding Contacts to Campaigns.  If you need more information on these options, please consult the Salesforce help, Salesforce communities, Trailheads or Salesforce Support.

This procedure does not use the Campaign Member status, so any available status will suffice when adding the Contacts to the Campaign.

This procedure will only process Contacts.  If leads are associated with the Campaign, they will be ignored.

4. Process Mass Address Updates

Press the "Mass Update Addresses" button (1).  If you do not see this button, press the down arrow (2) and select "Mass Update Address".

A confirmation screen will show.  Press the "Save" button to submit the request.

Mass Address Updating occurs in a background process.  Once this process is complete, the user that initiated the request will receive an email notifying them.