Salesforce Alerts/Notifications - FAQ

1. Why is Object XXX showing in RED

Please see procedure When and how are the permissions used? to determine if the object in question needs to have public access.  Please FULLTEST any updates should you reduce the recommended settings.

2. Can we disable the Potential Risk (RED) Permissions shown in the GUAR report associated with Payments2US Guest user profile?

The Permissions that are associated with Payments2Us Guest User Profile which you can disable.

  1. permissionspasswordneverexpires
  2. permissionsenablenotifications
  3. permissionsactivitiesaccess
  4. permissionsallowuniversalsearch
  5. permissionscontentworkspaces
  6. permissionsselectfilesfromsalesforce
  7. permissionsadddirectmessagemembers
  8. permissionsenablecommunityapplauncher
  9. permissionsuseweblink
  10. permissionsemailtemplatemanagement
  11. permissionsemailadministration
  12. permissionsmanagechattermessages
  13. permissionsshowcompanynameasuserbadge


You can use Workbench to set these Permissions to False. Please see the instructions below.


1. Open the link provided in the GUAR Report. Login to your instance of Salesforce.


2. Set the Permissions which are True to False and Confirm Update.

3. Our organisation is moving to Hyperforce does this impact our custom domain?

Yes, there is a known issue where having a custom domain using your own certificate and CDN.

To check, go to setup and search for "Domains". For the domains where the certificate is entered, if these are hosted on the Salesforce Cloud, there can be an issue moving to Hyperforce. In this instance, the migration would be blocked. Furthermore, salesforce generally will not select you for migration to Hyperforce if they believe there will be an issue. This is one of the criteria they look at.

4. Enabling Salesforce Enhanced Domains?

At this point in time, our recommendation is to hold off enabling this option.

Whilst we are not aware of any current issues, we need to go through and do some thorough checks.  This section will be updated as progress is made.