Peer-to-Peer Fundraising - FAQ

1. Why do I get an error message saying required fields are missing [campaign] when trying to register?

This error will occur if the "Batch Processor" is not running.  To start the Batch Processor, navigate to the Merchant Facility Tab.  Click into the Primary Merchant Facility and press Start button that is next to the "Batch Payments Processor Status"

2. The totals on my campaigns and the side bar widgets are not showing any donations, but there are donations listed on the fundraiser?

Make sure the "Create Opportunities" is checked on your Merchant Facility.

Peer-to-Peer roll ups use the Opportunity total for these roll ups, not the total amounts on the Payment Txns.

If you need to create Opportunities for existing Payment Txns, perform the following:

  1. Check the "Create Opportunity" box on the Payment Txn.
  2. Change the Status to "Receipting Complete". This will then go through the matching process and create an Opportunity record and go to Matching Complete. Do not remove other matched records such as Contact/Account/Etc.

Please note - totals may take several minutes to update.