Batch Entry - FAQ

1. How do I set up my bar code reader to work with Batch Entry

Barcode entry is an alternative for a keyboard. Instead of typing something, you can simply scan it.

There is no setup from Payment2Us or Salesforce side of things.

With the barcode scanner they have purchased, that may have some software with it that needs to be installed. The scanner would have had some setup notes. We’d recommend they change the scanner to automatically add a tab at the end of the scan (vs. say a return). This way, the text will be scanned and then the field would be tabbed off.

More advice on setting up your own individual barcode reader is outside of the scope of Payments2Us support - please contact your barcode scanner vendor for more assistance.

There are some tips in procedure - Adding Batch Line items.

2. Can I change Membership No. to Support No. on Batch Entry Line entry?

Update the "Membership Id Label" on the Payment Form select on the Batch Entry Header.

3. Why batch stuck at "Process" status and error logged with - "batchEntryChargeProcessor already running"?

If your batch is stuck at "Process" status and not completing then please check the error logs. If there is an error log with description -"batchEntryChargeProcessor already running" then that means  2 batch processors are submitted.

The reason behind this could be:

Batch 1 - submitted (note, batch processors may take up to an hour to actually start - depending on Salesforce servers)

Batch 2 - submitted (the 1st one might not have started - hence error).


 Please make sure you submit the batch once.

For submitting the same Batch Again

1.  First check the Payment Txn associated are completed, if not

2. Change status to Open Save 

3. Process it again

Please do not make changes after the batch has been submitted.

4. Can we process Recurring Donations through Batches?

No at this stage we can process only One-Off payments through Batch Entry. If you are getting these transactions from another system, then yes through the import files feature we can upload.

5. Batch process all the cheque dates as the same date. When I go in and edit this date the date does not change?

There is a Process that updates the Cheque Date to Transaction Date and then Transaction Date to Payment Txn Created Date.  That is the reason why Transaction Dates are being changes and you are  not able to change the Cheque Date or Transaction Date for Batch Entry.

For example, if you give Transaction Date as 15/11/2022 on the Batch Entry, what the process does is

1. Copy the Transaction Date to Cheque date that is - 15/11/2022.

2. Then copies the Created Date i.e Today 23/11/2022 to the Transaction  Date (if batch processed today) . Transaction Date becomes 23/11/2022.

3. This then changes the Cheque Date to 23/11/2022.

Solution will be to change the Process to update only the Cheque Date with Transaction Date.

6. Is there a limit to how many transactions can be processed through Batch Entries? 

There is no limit in the number of entries to process, except organizations may batch in groups of 20.

7. We've noticed that our Batch Entries have stopped creating new Opportunities when the Batch Entry Line Items are processed. What could be causing this to happen?

Steps to be followed first:

1. Check Payments2Us Error Log to see if there are any errors reported.

2. Check if the "Create Opportunity" checkbox on the Payment Txn is set.

3. See the current status of the Payment Txn.

4. Check the user entering the Batch Entry has a permission set  of Payments2Us Admin or Payments2Us standard user assigned.

One reason for this to happen is as the Batch processor runs every 10 minutes to process the  transaction and "Create Opportunity" is based off the status of Receipting  Complete. We have workflows that generate and send the receipts.  These are against the Payment Txn object. If they are disabled, turn it off. The other reason is "Send Receipt" on the Payment Form is set to a value  that will not send a receipt.  If no receipt, or send manually (names  similar to this, but not exactly), then that will not try to send a  receipt and the payment txn will be held at Payment Complete as you are  observing.