Shopify Integration - FAQ

1. Shopify integration is not working.  What can I do?

Then check on your merchant facility, in the License management area that the license key specifies Shopify and that the License Options include Shopify.  Also check the expiry date of the License Options.

Please check your installation. In particular, you’ll have some security settings that are important

If you had not completed the above, or made changes, please make sure you follow this process: How to connect your new site to your merchant facility 

Then check your shopify installation. 

  • Make sure your webhook is for order payment
  • Make sure you copy the secret key back into Salesforce

Shopify installation manual

Shopify video:


Should the above now work, then please contact


2. How do I get the payment items to appear on the opportunity?
  • On the Merchant Facility, make sure both Create Opportunity and Create Opportunity Line Items are ticked.
  • Make sure you've created a pricebook and that it is active. See more information on pricebooks here.
  • Make sure all your products are setup already in the pricebook.
  • There must be a price on the price book entry.
  • The product and the price book entry for that product need to be active.
  • The Product Code needs on the Product needs to match exactly with the product coming in from Shopify.
    Product line items come from Shopify are stored in the Payment Item related Object to the Payment Txn.  The field "Product Id" is used to locate the Product by the Products' field "Product Code".  Should the Payment Item - Product Id field be blank, then the Payment Item - SKU field is used to locate the Product by the field "Product Code"