What are the DataTools Kleber Validation Options

DataTools Kleber provide a number of different validation options for data.

Payments2Us allows your organisation to select which pieces of data you wish to have populated or validated.  This enables to you control costs and to validate data where and when its needed.

1. Selecting Data Items to Validate

On the Merchant Facility, in the Address validation section you select the data elements you wish to validate.

2. Validate options definitions

Untitled Document
Validate Checkout Manual Payument Lead Account Contact
Address     X    
Phone X        
Email X        
BSB X        
Barcode X X X X X
MailingAddress X X      
OtherAddress X X      
BillingAddress       X  
ShippingAddress       X  
Repair Inline X X X X X
Contact Geocoding AcxiomStandard         X
Contact Geocoding GnafLive         X
Contact Geocoding PbsSpectrum         X
Lead Geocoding AcxiomStandard     X    
Lead Geocoding GnafLive     X    
Lead Geocoding PbsSpectrum     X    
Account Geocoding AcxiomStandard       X  
Account Geocoding GnafLive       X  
Account Geocoding PbsSpectrum       X  

The above table shows the different validation option and where these options are used.

NOTE: Inline Repair will attempt to fix the address as it is being entered.  If using this, please refer to the dataTools website for costs per transaction as it is a bit more expensive than other options

DataTools Kleber Supports 3 different types of Geocoding and the use of these will depend on your needs.

  • AcxiomStandard: Use this for basic mapping and is the most cost effective method
  • PbsSpectrum : Use this for highly accurate geo-codes to the centre of a parcel lots
  • GnafLive: Use this if targeting targeting new estates. This is updated daily directly from PSMA