How to setup Westpac Quickstream

1. Generate Credentials

Log into the Quickstream Portal: Then:

  1. Click on the Administration > Facility Settings
  2. Select Manage REST API Keys
  1. Enter an email for Expiring API Key notification. At time of writing, keys expire every 2 years.
  2. Press "Generate New Key"
  1. The publishable key will be entered into the Merchant Facility as the "Payment Gateway UserId"
  2. The secret key will be entered into the Merchant Facility as the "Payment Gateway Password"

NOTE: for each of these, you will need to click into the links, then copy the "API Key" value.

2. Enter Credentials into Merchant Facility

  1. Select "Westpac Quickstream" as the Payment Gateway
  2. Enter the Publishable key into the "Payment Gateway UserId" field
  3. Enter the Secret key into the "Payment Gateway Password" field
  4. Set Environment to Sandbox or Production

3. Set Supplier Business Code

3.1. Default Supplier Code

The Supplier Business Code will be:

  • "User Identification Number" field on the Merchant Facility
  • If not specified, then uses the value before the "_" in the "Payment Gateway UserId"

3.2. Assigning your specific Supplier Business Code

Inside Westpac Quick Stream portal

  1. Click on Administration, then select menu option Facility Settings
  2. Click on menu link for "View Connection Details"
  1. Click on REST API Tab
  2. Copy the "supplierBussinessCode"

In Salesforce, locate the Merchant Facility and paste the copied supplierBusinessUnit into the "User Identification Number" field.