How to get Payments2Us up and running

The steps below provide an overview of how you can evaluate and then later get Payments2Us up and running for your organisation

  1. Install Payments2Us from the AppExchange
  2. Activate Sites
  3. Setup Sites Security
  4. Create a demo facility so you can take test transactions.
  5. Apply for a Merchant Facility (This can take up to a few weeks, so best to start early)
  6. Work through a day in the life of your organisation using Payments2Us - configure workflows, receipts, email templates to meet your needs (see User Manual)
  7. When the bank provides Merchant Details (Step 3), order and sign up for Payments2Us and we will start the payment gateway provisioning
  8. Once provisioning is complete, you will be given a username and will need to call in for a password.  
  9. Enter these details into the Salesforce Merchant Facility and do a test live transaction.