How to setup Global Payments Oceania

Global Payments is the parent company of EziDebit.  The references to EziDebit in this article are on purpose and correct.

1. Enter payment gateway credentials

  1. Click on the Merchant Facility tab
  2. Change the filter to "All Merchant Facilities"
  3. Click into the one you wish to setup/assign the credentials to

1.2. Enter payment gateway credentials

  1. Select "Global Payments Oceania" as the Payment Gateway
  2. A value must be entered into "Payment Gateway User Id" field.  At this point in time, any text can be used, e.g "PRODUCTIONUSERID".
  3. Enter the Global Payments  Supplied API Key" into the "Payment Gateway Password" field
  4. Set the environment to Production (live) or Sandbox (test)

2. Update Terms and Conditions

It is a requirement of your EziDebit account to have the Service Agreement placed on your website and agreed to at the time of sign-up.

2.1. Locate Terms and Conditions Text

The links provided below will be updated with any changes to the T&Cs that may arise.

Australian businesses:

New Zealand businesses:

2.2. Update the Merchant Facility Terms and Conditions

Paste the details copied above into the Terms and Conditions field on the Merchant Facility

3. Agreeing to Terms and Conditions

It is a requirement when using EziDebit/Global Payments that both Credit Card and Direct Debit recurring payments have the users signing up agreeing to the Terms and Condition and confirming this by checking a tickbox.

Payments2Us has special Payment Form Builder code to add the T&C checkbox.  To activate this you need to do a refresh of the Payment Form.

You will need to perform the Payment Form Builder refresh/updates for every form that is in use.

From the Merchant Facility, click into the related Payment Form that you wish to update.

Then press the Payment Form Builder Button

Press Full Refresh and agree to the refresh

Expand the "My Payment Details" by clicking on the ">"

For Credit Card AND Direct Debit:

  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit
  2. Click on the pencil icon to review text that will appear on the form.  This should be the approved text by Ezidebit/Global Payments.  NOTE: for Credit cards you may need to update your business name.
  3. Optionally review the check box field for agreeing to the Terms and conditions.

4. Enabling required payment methods

If your organisation is looking at using both Credit Cads and Direct Debit Payments with EziDebit/Global Payments, then you will need to enable the required Payment Methods on the Merchant Facility.

5. Update DDR Confirmation Email / BECS Compliance

For information on BECS compliance for EziDebit, please see:

It is a requirement of EziDebit for your organisation to email a copy of the payment arrangement and service agreement to the customer within seven days of signup.  A template and workflow has been setup for this purpose.  Please review and update the email template.

5.1. Locate New Service Email template

  1. Click on the setup cog (top right)
  2. Search "Classic Email Templates"
  3. Click into Classic Email Templates"
  4. Click into "New Service"

This email template includes the Terms and Conditions that are entered on the Merchant Facility.

If you need guidance or help with editing this template, then you'll need to have Payments2Us premium support or to engage your Salesforce Consultant that has assisted you with the install.

6. How to test Global Payments Oceania

The below procedure may change and the Global Payments Oceania option rolls out.

You can request test credentials and information at