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How to obtain a eCommerce Merchant Facility for Windcave/Payment Express

Your bank can provide you with Visa/MasterCard Merchant Facilities.

If you are looking for other gateways, such as American Express, Diners etc. then you will need to arrange a Merchant Facility with them seperately.

In July 2019, Payment Express Changed their name to Windcave

If you wish to use China Union Pay or WeChat, then you must get you Merchant Facility through Windcave directly.

1. Contact your bank for an eCommerce Merchant Facility for Direct Payment Solutions (DPS)

In order or use Payments2Us, you need to have both a Payment Gateway (Included with Payments2Us) and a Merchant Facility.

Please note the following in regards to getting a Merchant Facility:

  • This is a key requirement before you are able to go live with Payments2Us.
  • It can take a few weeks.

If you are planning on using Authorize.Net, then please see How to obtain an eCommerce Merchant Facility for Authorize.Net

When contacting your bank, you need to ask for an "eCommerce Merchant Facility for Windcave (aka  Payment Express) by Direct Payment Solutions (DPS)".

If you are in North America, please contact Payments2Us at and we can provide a contact.

If you are unsure if your bank is supported, please check the Payment Express website at: If your bank is not listed, there are often options available, so please contact us at

2. Ensure you have the following policies on your website:

2.1. Contact Information

Your website will be checked items such as:

  • The domain name matches the domain name on the registration form.
  • Your trading name (eg. Logo) is clearly visible.
  • Your organisation is the owner of the domain.
  • Your address, including country code, is on the site.
  • A contact email and contact phone number are listed.

2.2. Privacy policy

Names/addresses are stored securely in Salesforce.  We also store IP address and browser information for diagnostics and fraud prevention.  Credit Card No's and CCV's are NOT stored in Salesforce, but tokens for recurring billing might.  

You should check with your legal advisor when creating the Privacy Policy.  In addition, there are many organisations that provide generators of privacy policies on the web to provide you with a starting point, plus organisations such as LawLive that can assist.

2.3. Refund policy

You will need to include details on your policy for refunds.  These should comply with local laws.

An example (please contact your legal advisor before basing your policy on this):

Refund Policy:

Please choose carefully. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods are faulty, have been wrongly described, are different to the product purchased on the website or don’t perform as advertised.

3. Check your PCI DSS compliance

Your bank may insist on PCI DSS compliance scans.  Check the organisation is currently approved for PCI compliance checking. Some scanning vendors are:

4. Notify your bank that the payment form is hosted by Salesforce (SaaS)

It is the Salesforce website that is capturing and transmitting the details and not your own. This means the solution you are are using is known as Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud based.

Salesforce has all the security accreditation levels required.  You can see these are:

5. Other notes:

5.1. Contact Payments2Us if your bank is not a major one.

We'll check compatibility and will provide guidance for moving forward.

5.2. Contact credit card organizations if you require American Express, Diners Club or other card types.

Contact these organisations separately and ask for a Merchant Account to be setup. Payments2Us includes the first Merchant Facility free of charge. The second and subsequent ones incur a one off fee.

6. Activate the Merchant Facility by signing up with Payments2Us

See: How to order Payments2Us